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IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES (SWAT) is on SALE for $2.80 at Amazon for Cyber Monday!

IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES, Book 3 in my action-packed SWAT Series is on SALE for $2.80 today on Amazon for Cyber Monday! So if you haven't pre-ordered it yet, now is a great time to do it! :)


HER WILD HERO (X-OPS) is on SALE for 1.99 at Amazon!

HER WILD HERO, Book 3 in Paige Tyler's action-packed #XOPS Series is on #SALE for 1.99 today on Amazon! If you haven't picked it up yet, now is a great time to do it! :)



HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF, Book 1 in my action-packed #SWAT Series is on #SALE for 2.99 today everywhere! So if you haven't picked it up yet, now is a great time to do it! :)


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Tasty Tuesday Hunk!

Since IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES, Book 3 in my action-paced SWAT Series releases one week from today (Dec 1st) today's hunk is the model on the cover, David Kimmerle!

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If you're subscribed to my newsletter, look for your #free #SWAT short story BEFORE BECKER MET JAYNA in your email this evening! I think you'll really like it! :)


Fantastic Reviews for SWAT (Special Wolf Alpha Team)!

Check out these fantastic reviews for my SWAT (Special Wolf Alpha Team Series)!


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WOLF TROUBLE is on SALE for 99 Cents!

WOLF TROUBLE (#SWAT) is on #SALE this weekend for 99 Cents! Catch up on the action-packed series now!

"Wolf Trouble will be hard to beat on my list of best novels of 2015." - Joyfully Reviewed Joyfully Recommended Read

"Wolf Trouble is as good as it gets." - Booklist

He’s in trouble with a capital T...

There’s never been a female on the Dallas SWAT team and Senior Corporal Xander Riggs prefers it that way. The elite pack of alpha male wolf shifters is no place for a woman. But Khaki Blake is no ordinary woman.

When Khaki walks through the door attractive as hell and smelling like heaven, Xander doesn’t know what the heck to do. Worse, she’s put under his command and Xander’s protective instincts go on high alert. When things start heating up both on and off the clock, it’s almost impossible to keep their heads in the game and their hands off each other…






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Interview with David Kimmerle, Cover Model from IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES (SWAT 3)!

I’m so excited to have you on my blog today! When my editor sent me the cover for IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES, I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn't have asked them to pick a better model for the hero. You’re perfect for SWAT cop/werewolf hero Eric Becker! The cover is gorgeous! I read your bio on you Facebook page, and your story is amazing and an inspiration. 

Thank you very much for the compliment, the guys who took the images and made the graphic are so talented. I am glad you liked it.

Thank you as well for referring to me as an inspiration. I put my story out there in hopes of motivating or helping anyone that can relate to my struggle.  I want to reach those who are lost in their own minds and cannot seem to control their actions or thoughts.  

It took me years to gain control of myself.  Before I started my journey, I was that person that was hard to be around. Everyone was always asking me why I was so pessimistic, or to explain actions I took that tore my life apart, I could only answer with, “I don't know.” 
Looking back, I was a broken person until I turned 30. No excuses, I am just being honest. 

At 30, I finally looked into the mirror and realized my reality was how it was because I made it that way.  

At that moment I made a decision.  I was done making excuses. I recognized that the image I created in my head of a handsome, confident and successful guy were fantasies helping me cope with what I had become, and my true reality was that I was a depressed, broke fatty who fabricated a self-esteem to make it through the day.  I had enough.  

Life sure got fun after I figured all that out. LOL. With a lot of hard work and dedication, I was able to become more than the fantasy I had created in my head to cope.  But still, I never thought in a million years that controlling my actions, words, perceptions and heart would lead to the reality I own now. 

I have leaned that everyone, if you take the time to listen, has an amazing story. I just have a social media platform where I am able to put mine out there electronically. 

I definitely agree with you about that! In the video of the photo shoot—how fun!—you tell us what series you’re posing for. What types of things do the photographer or publisher (Sourcebooks) tell you about the book? Do they give you a synopsis of the story or talk about your character’s “motivation?” 

Usually the week of the shoot I receive an email that has images to help me get ideas of what they are looking for so I can prep. 

When I walk through the door on shoot day, the photographer and creative director talk to me about posing, what I will be wearing, what will be in the shoot, what will come in post-production and then of course the energy they are trying to capture for an amazing cover. 
We have fun on set which keeps the nerves down while they set up the lights and I do some method acting to prepare for the first shots.  I always try to visualize myself as the character and then add in the “feel” or “motivation” the photographer wants and needs to capture in his lens. 

It is never easy to get “the shot” but the guys running the show are so good at giving direction and seeing the end product before the first picture is taken that it makes it easier for me to become what they are looking for. 

In the role of Eric Becker, I was trying to be a handsome, confident, and ready for action agent holding a gun. I think I was protecting something too; it gets hard to remember because they give lots of adjectives while we are shooting to inspire me to be or feel the character that is being portrayed.

You certainly captured him perfectly! When my editor sent me the cover, she said that you looked exactly like she imagined Becker looks at the heroine Janya in a specific point in the opening scene between them. He actually IS protecting her, but I can't tell you from what or whom without giving too much of the story away! :)

How many photos does the photographer take?  How long does the shoot take? Inquiring minds want to know!

I think your book cover took a couple hours. We worked on gun positions first and trying to capture the requested poses and then we relaxed a bit and had some fun with it.
I am not really sure how many images they took with me, but they shoot tons of different facial expressions while I move in front of the camera and when we think we have that shot, I change wardrobe and we do it again.
Sometimes I will shave my face or chest halfway through the shoot to give different looks, I do not mind, because no matter how long the shoot is, I always have fun with it.
We take shirtless shots sometimes, actually all the time, hahaha, even if the publisher did not ask for them, we shoot 'em anyway. I think they get a kick out of spraying me with that cold water to get the sweaty look. :)
We all want to impress, so we usually shoot extra images at the end of the day just to make sure we give the publisher what they asked for and more. I always get a South Seas Skin Care tan the night before a cover.  I also diet hard and I do my best to bring the best package possible because I know that if we do not capture the look and feel of the image, we will not get the cover.

LOL! You brought it, all right, and it totally worked! Did you see the complete cover before I showed it to you? What did you think of the finished version? 
When you showed me the cover, I was super happy with it!  I had not seen it before and did not know what to expect. I am proud to have my image on this cover and though I have been on a few covers throughout my career, I feel that it is one of my best! I liked the energy, wardrobe, graphics and the comment “WOW, JUST WOW” by Fresh Addiction hahahaha.  
The unexpected bonus was seeing my butt chin on the cover!! Sometimes they edit my head off the page and I can’t even tell it’s me, but I would recognize my chin anywhere lol, so I know that is me on your cover!!!! Thanks for not editing that out so I know it’s really me!

No editing required, I can assure you! You ARE  werewolf/SWAT officer Eric Becker for sure! And I'm honored to have you on the cover. Thank you for saying it's your favorite! Have you done a lot of romance book covers? 
Throughout my career, which is a little less than 6 years, I have been able to do just under 50 romance covers.  
I am so blessed to be requested and accepted by these publications and talented writers to be the picture on the front of their hard work and dedication.  
Because these covers were so impossibly hard for me to accomplish from where I started, I need to also acknowledge the fact I did not do it alone.  I have a “team” made up of God, family, friends and supportive fans that have helped me make it where I am today. I know in my heart and mind I was never alone on this journey and am thankful for so much support.  I want anyone who has ever helped me to feel like my accomplishments are theirs, because without them, I would not be on your cover.

Well said! :) I see that you’re also an actor. If my SWAT Series gets optioned into a movie or TV show, are you available to play Officer Eric Becker? 
You ask the best questions, HECK YA! 
I moved to Hollywood so I could be an actor, model, host and motivational speaker. 
I am sure that after reading the book and a few practice sessions with the local werewolves, I will be ready for action on the big screen….
I will wait for your call to do the screen test :)

That would be awesome! If it ever goes to film or television, I'm totally going to call you! I know you and fellow actor/model James Ellis (cover model from HER PERFECT MATE, X-OPS 1) are friends.  Have you done any shows/commercials/etc. together? 

James Ellis and I have been friends for years; we have shared managers, friends, goals, religion, our love for fitness and even a girl. (We will cover that in a different interview lol) 

I saw his cover by the way; it was awesome, great job! 

James is a top-notch guy, business partner, fitness model and friend.  We have been on TV shows like Ellen and Sports Illustrated 50 Years of Beauty; we’ve been on the covers of magazines together, worked infomercials, judged contests as well as competed and traveled the country together.  We also partnered together to form, a fitness coaching and training website.  In 2016 our next adventure will be going on a public speaking tour around the country in hopes of motivating and inspiring others to accomplish their goals and dreams whatever they may be.  

LOL! We might just have to do another interview because after that teaser about dating the same girl, inquiring minds are going to want to know! And yes, James' cover is awesome! Very cool about the speaking tour. Hope you'll post the dates on your FB pages. Maybe I'll be able to catch you somewhere! 

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Keep in mind that your character in the Dallas SWAT (Special Wolf Alpha Team) is a werewolf. 

I love cats and dogs but if I had to choose which partner to have, I would say a dog. Right now I own a little 7 lb. Golden Doodle named Princess, she is my best friend for sure! She was supposed to grow into a 30 lb. dog at least that is what the person promised me when I adopted her lol. A few weeks after I brought her home, I had a groomer give her a “puppy cut.”  As he was cutting I told him about my plans to throw Frisbees in the ocean for her to catch and her running the canyon with me on my daily workouts.  Right about then he stopped, started uncontrollably laughing and informed me I bought a “foofoo” dog.   

At first I thought he was kidding, until he said “foofoo” for like the 10th time and told me she would probably not grow over 8 lbs.  I was crushed and even thought of returning her.  I had a Rottweiler before and how could I go from that tough but sweet dog to a “foofoo” frilly puppy? 

But as I contemplated my dilemma while he put the finishing touches on Princess’s puppy cut, my mind took me back to when I was 9 years old and living at Primary Children’s Hospital because the first set of parents in my life sucked. I was adopted too and even though at times I did not turn out to be what they bargained for, they never took me back or gave up on me.  That’s about the time I realized that this little thing, this little “foofoo” was my little “foofoo” and I loved her already. Thinking about taking her back felt terrible and it was simply not an option, we (just like my amazing adoptive parents did with me,) would just have to figure out our relationship. 

Cool ending update, she is about 2 years old now, she runs 5 miles from Hollywood all the way up Runyon Canyon and back, she fetches and gives me more pink (her new hair color) love than a muscle guy could ever ask for.

Squee! She's adorable! I love dogs, too! 

The werewolves in my SWAT Series aren’t turned from getting bitten. Instead, they have a gene that “switches on” and turns them into werewolves when they in through a life-and-death situation. Would you like to be a wolf shifter, or another kind of shifter, and why?

Personally, I find the twist of the werewolves having a gene instead of being bitten very creative.  

If I was a character in the book, I think that as long as I could control the “Wolf” in me while I was not in danger, I would love to be a wolf shifter. Life-and-death situations are going to happen, knowing that I could shift into a wolf and kick some major butt seems like it would a great option for survival.  

And since you asked about being another kind of shifter, I would like to be the kind that could shift into a billionaire when my bills need to be paid.  :)

LOL!  Love it! I'm so with you there!  And thank you so much!  I wanted my werewolves to be a little different! 

As I mentioned, the hero of IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES is a SWAT cop. Was police officer ever something you wanted to be when you were a kid?

I never really wanted to be in law enforcement, I respect the law and those that enforce it but I always woke up in the mornings after saving the world as a super hero or masked vigilante. 

I just became a model instead lol.

Works for me since I get to have you on my cover! He also rides a Harley. Are you a motorcycle guy?

I am a motorcycle guy, I did not grow up on one but I have experience. For now though, I live in Hollywood and these roads are a little crazy, and if you mix in a little David crazy, it would produce a Crazy David Pancake; so I don’t ride unless I am out of town or in the mountains.   

I agree! Safety first!

I saw a video you posted on Facebook a while back where you and James Ellis stopped by In-N-Out Burger. Since I know you don’t eat like that every day, what kind of food is in your kitchen right now?

I like to eat pretty healthy but that is boring so I will give my favorite treats. I really like Skinny Cow ice-cream sandwiches, they are big and cold so they take a while to eat which means I can enjoy them longer. I love pizza because I can eat it with my hands and it will come in large portions to my door anytime I want it, but my favorite meal in the world is moms’ lasagna. My mother has been feeding me lasagna love since I was a boy and I have never had anything better in my mouth! 

I am feeling fat just talking about my favorite treats so lets talk about what lives in my freezer/fridge/cupboards right now, of course Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, frozen chicken breasts, 96% lean beef burgers, Ezekiel bread, cheese, kefir, protein powders, Ketonix drinks, salad mix and veggie mix, blue cheese, apple cider vinegar, butter, Udo’s oil, digestive enzymes and my must have condiment – Mustard.

LOL!  Eating healthy isn't boring! I'm the same way! But that said, treats rock! I love Skinny Cow, too! Oh, and pizza! But back to the healthy stuff!  You have a quite a lot of fitness awards. Congratulations! What’s your typical workout routine like?
Thank you! I have been training for years and fitness awards are the one accomplishment money cannot buy which feels great!

The workouts below are some of my favorites; I like to mix it up so I change them between the different workouts on my fitness site. The workouts are numbered; I usually do 4 or 5 workouts a week. There are a ton more workouts for guys and gals on

Okay, I'm stealing some of those exercises! Thank you!

Switching gears here. What kind of acting have you done and what’s been your favorite role so far?

My favorite role came in the recently released movie, The Perfect Physique Film, where I was able to play myself, David Kimmerle. The Perfect Physique film is a docudrama that gives insight to the lives, background and motivations of some of the top athletes and cover models in the world; it is very motivating, inspiring and fun to watch. 

It was an amazing opportunity to share some of my story with the world on a whole other level, I made new friends and hung out with old ones; it is one of my favorite memories and one of the best times of my life!

Next on the plate for me is a comedy, adventure, romance film called Lusitania 3D, I will be playing the part of Casanova and shooting on the Queen Mary in the spring, we are in pre-production right now.

I've seen you mention The Perfect Physique on your FB pages. Congratulations! And congrats on the upcoming movie, too! 

You also own a company called KimmerlePlan. Can you tell us a little about it? is a free training and diet website with over 500 videos and 700 pages of workouts, meal plans, calculators, motivation blogs, exercise tips and more. I sell online training packages to people all over the world that want custom everything and we have the transformation pictures and testimonials to prove it works.

My success equation and beliefs are simple, I believe that before anyone diets or eats a set amount of calories in a day, they should know how many calories they are burning in a day; this can be figured out with a heart rate monitor, dexa scan or hydrostatic test.   

I believe anyone performing cardio or resistance training should be wearing a heart rate monitor that gives an accurate reading from the heart to their phone or watch at all times.   They should know how many calories they are burning during exercise and burned during the session so they can adjust their nutrition easily and accurately. Activity trackers usually do not take a reading from the heart so they are not the best option for my kind of training, you will want to use a heart rate monitor that incorporates a chest strap to be as accurate as possible.

I believe the heart rate monitor is one of the greatest technologies presented to the fitness community in the last 50 years. All of my members use a heart rate monitor for accountability in their workouts, cardio sessions and meal planning; they love it because they have a medically backed way to judge, adjust and keep track of effort.

Sounds fantastic! What are you up to now and where can people find you on the net? 

By now I am sure you are tired of reading, it is late for me and I am tired of writing lol, so I just say what I am doing in the future. 

I am launching to sell my clothing line January 2016, with the tag line, “Bad by Nature, Good by Choice.” 

I am also launching by end of November,

And while juggling all of my business ventures, I am still trying to get my foot all the way in the door of the movie scene here in Hollywood.

This spring 2016, I am doing a public speaking tour and acting in the movie Lusitania 3D.

To keep up do date on all my adventures, follow me on social media, share my stuff and like my content, I appreciate it more than you know.

Good day to you all. 


Thank you so much for the interview, David! I had a lot of fun, and I know readers will love it!

If any of you have a question for David, feel free to post it in the comments! :)

Oh, and by the way, David will be my guest at the release party for IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES (SWAT 3) December 1st from 8 - 10 EST! Hope to see everyone there! :)

And now, a sneak peek at IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES (SWAT 3)! It releases December 1st. and is available for pre-order now!

There's a new gang of criminals in town who are organized and ruthless in the extreme. When Eric Becker, along with the rest of the Dallas SWAT team, ends up in the middle of a shootout, he immediately senses werewolves-a lot of them. Turns out, the new bad guys are a pack of wolf shifters.

In a spray of gunfire, Becker comes face-to-face with the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen. Becker does the logical thing. He hides her and leaves the scene with the rest of his team.

Jayna Winston has no idea why that SWAT guy helped her, but she's glad he did. Ever since she and her pack mates got mixed up with those Eastern European mobsters, everything had pretty much fallen apart.

So what's a street-savvy thief like Jayna going to do with a hot alpha-male wolf who's a police officer?

Read the first 5 Chapters here for FREE!






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Tasty Tuesday Hunk!

David Kimmerle, model on the cover of IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES, Book 3 in the SWAT Series! Look for his exclusive interview right here tomorrow! :)


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X-OPS and SWAT Christmas Cards!

I'm sending out Christmas Cards from the X-OPS Crew and SWAT Team!  If you'd like to receive one, just fill out the Google Form! Each card has been signed by the characters from the novels, and the last day to sign up for a card is December 8, 2015. 

Due to the limited amount of cards, only ONE per mailing address and the cards are randomly chosen.  :) 


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Cover RE-Reveal for X-OPS 4!

Yes, you read that right! It's a Cover RE-Reveal for Book 4 in my action-packed X-OPS Series. The books formally known as HER FIERCE PROTECTOR is now called HER FIERCE WARRIOR!

You're wondering why the name change, right? Well, my publisher decided that the original title didn't looks quite right stacked on the cover, that the word "Protector" was a little too big, so after much conversation and consideration, they finally settled on "Warrior" instead!

I think the cover is just as gorgeous regardless of the title, and best of all, you can now pre-order Minka and Angelo's story (now known as HER FIERCE WARRIOR) in ebook and paperback!

Minka Pajari isn't sure she should trust the sexy Special Forces soldier who found her. Subjected to horrors, on the run from scientists set on locking her in a cage, Minka is terrified of the monster she's becoming...and somehow, Angelo Rios is the only one who can calm the beast inside her and make her feel safe. But can she trust the way he makes her feel when she's not even sure she can trust herself?