Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Books (or series) I Like So Much, I'd Read Them Again!
  1. The Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong

  2. The Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks

  3. The Argeneau Vampire Series by Lynsay Sands

  4. The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward

  5. The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

  6. Hot Rain by Kat Martin

  7. Nothing But Velvet by Kat Martin

  8. Into the Sunset by Shelley Thacker

  9. The Angel and the The Prince by Laurell O'Donnell

  10. The Prisoner by Karyn Monk

  11. Any and Every Book by Johanna Lindsey

  12. A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught

  13. Wicked Night Games by Kathleen Lawless

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Ambassador's Daughter!

Here's a never before released excerpt from my sci-fi spanking romance, The Ambassador's Daughter!

After unpacking, which took less than thirty minutes, Rand took out his com and linked to the ambassador. Though he had nothing to report, he had told Chane Kal’yle that he would be checking in once a day while on the journey to Deuntaie. They talked for a little while, and the ambassador told him that he was still waiting for the holo-shots of the suspicious character at the Dark Side. He said he would get hold of Rand as soon as he had something. After closing the link, Rand decided to go looking for Inarii. They were posing as newlyweds; he supposed they should be seen together. Besides, he wouldn’t mind spending the afternoon gazing at those long, sexy legs of hers. And whatever else she was probably showing off by now, he thought wryly.

One of the decks on the deep-space cruiser had been made to simulate the topmost deck on the cruise ships of ancient earth, complete with a pool, deck chairs, even artificial sunlight and a fake breeze. You could even smell the salt air and hear the waves lapping against the nonexistent hull. The only things that were out of place were the small, noiseless robots that roamed around picking up scraps of garbage and delivering drinks.

His eyes shielded by sunglasses, Rand scanned the deck for Inarii, and swore softly when he found her. She was lying on one of the deck chairs beside the pool, openly flirting with some guy who was rubbing her down with sunscreen. Rand clenched his jaw as he watched the man’s hand linger on her thigh. So much for hiding in a cabana, he thought.

Swearing under his breath again, he strode over to where she lay sunning herself, but neither she nor the guy she’d been flirting with took any notice of him. Not even when he stood right beside them.

“I’ll take it from here,” Rand drawled. “I think I can get any spots you might have missed.”

Inarii jumped at the sound of his voice and looked up at him in surprise. Her companion, however, was not so easily startled.

“And just who the hell are you?” the man demanded.

“I’m her husband,” Rand said.

At this point, he almost hoped that the man would make an issue of it. As mad as he was, he’d almost enjoy tossing the guy around for awhile. He was jealous, he realized in surprise.

But the man’s eyes only went wide, and he jumped to his feet, holding up his hands. “She didn’t tell me she was married.”

Rand glanced at Inarii’s left hand, and saw that she’d taken off his ring. His mouth tightened, but his voice was neutral when he spoke. “Really? Shame on you, Henrietta. I thought we weren’t going to be having a threesome tonight.”

She flushed at the reference, barely able to look at the guy who’d she been flirting with only minutes before, instead shooting daggers at Rand.

Rand saw the man look from him to Inarii, and then back to him. “Look, dude, I’m not really into any of this. I gotta go.”

The man picked up his towel, threw Inarii a regretful look, and was gone before either she or Rand could say more. Which suited Rand fine. His expression hard, he glared down at her. “Let’s go.”

She ignored him and settled back in her chair, lifting her chin defiantly. “I can’t believe you said that! Do you get off on embarrassing me?”

He clenched his jaw. Damn, but she was infuriating. “I will not argue with you in public, Inarii. Now, let’s go.”

She looked like she was considering whether to defy him or not, but his tone brooked no argument, and Inarii seemed to know that. “Fine!” she snapped.

Muttering something else under her breath that he couldn’t hear, she got to her feet and grabbed up her bag. Before she could take two steps, however, Rand caught her arm, practically dragging her across the deck to one of the cabanas that lined the railing at the edge of the pool area, and half-pushed her inside.

“What the hell did you think you were doing out there?” he demanded, rounding on her the moment they were hidden behind the colorful canvas.

Inarii took off her sunglasses and hat and shook her hair out around her shoulders. It tumbled down her back like silk. “Absolutely nothing,” she said. “I needed some suntan lotion put on, and he was nice enough to do it.” She gave him an innocent look. “What? Is our marriage on the rocks already? Or are you just jealous?”

Rand ignored the jab, watching as she took out her hairbrush and began to run it through her tresses. “And what if that guy had recognized you?”

She wrinkled her nose. “I don’t think even my mother would recognize me in that hat. And besides, he wasn’t really looking at my face.” With a coy smile, she half-turned and twitched her curvy bottom at him.

“Very funny,” he said. “In case you haven’t noticed, we’re trying to look like we’re married, and having some guy rub lotion all over you doesn’t exactly give credibility to that, does it?”

She smirked. “I don’t think credibility is what we’re talking about. I think you’re just jealous.”

“I’m not jealous!” he snapped. “I’m your bodyguard, not your boyfriend. My only concern is your safety.”

She spun around to look at him, her eyes flashing angrily. Even in a skimpy bikini, she somehow managed to still look the part of a snooty debutante. “Look, I wore that ridiculous hat like you asked. I even put on a slight Candoshen accent, so that no one would recognize my voice. I’m trying to go along with this stupid plan of yours, but don’t for a minute think that you’re the boss of me, Rand Barany. And you’re certainly not my husband. I do as I please, so, if I want to have every guy on this ship rub lotion on me while I sit beside the pool, then I will, and there’s not a thing you can do about it!”

Anger, mixed with a good dose of jealousy, surged through Rand then. “We’ll see about that,” he growled.

He knew he shouldn’t spank her right there, but she was just begging for it. Yanking the hairbrush out of her hand, Rand took hold of her arm and started for one of the lounge chairs.

He was going to spank her again, she realized, and to her surprise, Inarii felt her pulse skip a beat. “ can’t!” she protested. “Not right here. Someone could hear.”

The cabana was three-sided, so if anyone heard anything, they would certainly come looking. Which would serve her right, Rand thought, his mouth quirking in amusement. “Then you’ll have to be quiet, won’t you?”

Her eyes went wide, but before she could do more than gasp, he sat down on the bench and dragged her over his knee. She held her breath, waiting, and then let out a little gasp of surprise when she felt his hand on the waistband of her bikini bottom. Nothing more than a small triangle of material to begin with, it did little to cover her cheeks, but Rand must have thought it was in the way, because he tugged it down to mid-thigh, leaving her bottom bare and vulnerable.

She felt herself blush. The cabana faced away from the pool so that its occupants could have privacy as well as a view of the ocean on the enormous holo-screen that lined the deck. If anyone came by... “Wait...” she began, only to feel the smooth wood of the hairbrush smack against her right cheek.

© Paige Tyler and ABCD Webmasters, 2005

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Vacation Pics!

I thought I'd post some pics from our vacation to Hawaii!

This is a view of Honolulu from atop Diamondhead!
This is another view of Honolulu from atop Diamondhead! This is a view of Diamondhead from Pu'u Ualakala'a State Park!
This is a view of a beach near Kailua!
This is a beach over on the windward side of Oahu!
This is a Banyan Trees in a park in Honolulu!
This is a statue of King Kamehameha!This is the uninhabited and very cool-looking island, Chinaman's Hat!
I hope you emjoyed looking at them!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things I Did When My Hubby And I Went to Hawaii!

  1. Went to the beach

  2. Had breakfast on the lanai outside our hotel room every morning

  3. Walked down to Waikiki every night for dinner

  4. Hiked up to Diamond Head

  5. Ate dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen (more than once, the food was so good!)

  6. Learned how to do the hula

  7. Took a day trip to Maui

  8. Read Wicked Night Games by Kathleen Lawless (very hot book, btw!)

  9. Tasted poi

  10. Went to Haleakala Crater National Park

  11. Jumped in a shark cage and came nose to nose with Galapagos and Gray Reef sharks

  12. Didn't turn on the television once

  13. Had an absolutely wonderful time!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Your Hunky Hero for Today is...

Cord from my book, Kayla and the Rancher! Or at least how I picture him! Couldn't you so see this guy as the gorgeous rancher?! I could totally imagine Kayla falling for him!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Adding Hawaii to the list of place I've been spanked!

My hubby and I just got back from vacation in Hawaii, so I can now add that to the list of places I've gotten spanked!

While I got a couple of light, inconspicuous spanks up on Diamond Head, the Haleakala Crater, at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and while we were both in the shark cage off North Shore, he gave me several more playful, not-so-inconscpicuoius spanks up on Makapu'u Point, as well as in the atrium of our hotel near the banyan tree, and out on the lanai off our hotel room. Of course, I got some totally yummy spankings in the privacy of our hotel room!

Oh, and we couldn't resist taking advantage of the little-known and very private lookout in the Pu'u Ualakala'a State Park on Oahu, either! Though I have to admit I was a little surprised, and more than a little thrilled, when my hubby pulled down my shorts and bikini bottoms and spanked me right there on top of the lookout overlooking Honolulu!

Oh, btw, we took this pic of Honolulu from atop the lookout in Pu'u Ualakala'a State Park! Isn't it gorgeous?!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kayla and the Rancher!

Here's a never before released excerpt of Kayla and the Rancher, a bestseller over on Romantic Spankings!

Deciding that the tack had been cleaned enough, Cord replaced it on its hook and, grabbing his hat, headed for the house. In the setting sun, he could see the glow of a light coming from Abigail’s room, and he felt compelled by the urge to see her. Perhaps he’d ask her to go riding with him tomorrow, he thought as he made his way through the kitchen and up the stairs.

The door to her room was ajar, and without thinking, Cord pushed it open and walked right in only to find Abigail soaking in the tub. She had her head back and her eyes closed, and at his entrance, she sat up in surprise. The movement caused the bubbles to shift, displaying smooth shoulders and creamy breasts, and for a moment, Cord simply stood and stared, transfixed by the sight of his naked fiancĂ©’s glistening wet skin. It wasn’t until a startled Abigail crossed her arms over herself that Cord abruptly remembered he was supposed to be a gentleman.

Flushing beneath his tan, he turned his back to her. “I’m sorry. The door was open, and I...I didn’t realize you were taking a bath.” His color deepened as he realized he was stammering like a schoolboy.

Behind him, he heard the water swish against the side of the tub as she sank deeper into it. “What was it that you wanted?” she asked softly.

He stared at the wall, trying to concentrate on something other than the fact that there was a very beautiful naked woman in a bathtub full of bubbles right behind him. He cleared his throat. “I thought that perhaps you’d like to go riding with me tomorrow,” he said. “If you’re not going into town, that is.”

She didn’t answer immediately, and though Cord wanted to turn and look at her, he determinedly held his position while he waited for her reply.

I’d like that,” she said after a moment, and Cord felt himself relax.

“Good,” he said. “I suppose I should let you get back to your bath, then.” With a nod, he left the room, careful to keep his back to her. In the hallway, he stood outside the door for a moment, listening to the sounds of the water as she washed, and as he imagined her running a soapy sponge down her neck and over her sweetly rounded breasts, he almost groaned aloud. As far as he was concerned, that wedding dress she was making couldn’t get done fast enough.

Though she couldn’t imagine what she’d done, Kayla was sure that Cord had come into her room to spank her again. However, after he’d just come in to ask her to go riding with him, she realized that it had just been wishful thinking on her part.

But what if it had been more than that, she thought? What if Cord really had come into her room to spank her? Exhilarated by the idea, she picked up the sponge and gently ran it down her outstretched arm, letting the scene play out in her mind.

Of course, Cord would question her about her misdeeds first, asking her why she’d deliberately disobeyed him and gone back to the saloon to play poker when he’d specifically told her not to. She’d give him some flippant answer that would be sure to annoy him, and go back to her bath. His jaw would clench and he’d remind her of the consequences for her actions. Then, before she even knew what he was doing, Cord would grab her arm, haul her out of the tub and drag her - naked and dripping wet - over to the straight-back chair.

Knowing she was about to get a spanking, she’d protest, of course, but just a little. After all, wasn’t this what she wanted?

But Cord would ignore her objections, and a quick yank would send her tumbling over his strong thighs. With his arm firmly around her small waist, she would be helpless to do more than lay there and wait in breathless anticipation for that very first spank.

Naturally, Cord would scold her, but gently, of course, and all the while he would caress her bare bottom. Then, finally, when she thought she couldn’t wait any longer, Cord would lift his hand and bring it down sharply on her right cheek. Just as quickly, he’d smack the other, alternating from side to side until he had a nice rhythm going.Leaning back in the tub, Kayla could almost imagine the imprint his hand would leave on her creamy skin, and because she colored easily, her bottom would have a rosy glow to it after a dozen or so spanks. And she imagined that because her skin was wet, it would sting even more. But Cord wouldn’t stop there, no matter how much she squirmed and kicked. Instead, he would tighten his hold and tell her that he had simply warmed her up for a real spanking! No sooner would she be able to ask what he meant by that than she’d feel the sharp slap of her wooden hairbrush on her bare cheeks.

Kayla shifted in the water, her bottom suddenly stinging simply at the thought of getting spanked with the hairbrush again. That wasn’t the only part of her responding to such a vivid fantasy, either. On the contrary, there was a warm tingle between her thighs that didn’t want to be ignored, and she had to fight the urge to reach down and touch herself there.

Blushing, she sank lower in the tub and imagined what it would feel like for Cord to touch her there. Before she’d met Cord, she’d never had such thoughts about a man. Now, it was all she seemed to think about. She wondered if it was Cord, or if there was something in the air out here that made her think such naughty thoughts. She decided that she had no idea, but she liked it nonetheless.

© Paige Tyler and ABCD Webmasters, 2005

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tagged by Tempest!

I was tagged by Tempest over at Midnight Moon Cafe to list 8 random facts/habits about myself, so here goes!

8 Random Facts/Habits About Myself:
  1. When I eat an egg cooked over-easy, I always eat the white first.
  2. I played in the marching band in high school.
  3. I studied ballet and jazz dancing class for twelve years.
  4. I worked as a caricaturist before I became a full-time writer.
  5. When LOTR came out, I had this really huge crush on Viggo Mortensen (and still do!) Did I mention that we have two life-size standees of Aragorn in our home office?
  6. On that same note, I actually got to meet Viggo Mortensen when he was promoting his movie, Hidalgo! And yes, he's even hotter in person! And no, I didn't tell him about my crush or the standees!
  7. I like to collect stuffed animals.
  8. My week doesn't seem complete without at least one spanking!

Now I have to tag eight people, so I'll tag Kelley Vitollo, LindaH, Anne Rainey, Megan Rose, Stacy Dawn, Sophia Danu, M.A. Gonzales, and Tracy!


Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm this week's featured author over at Reading Is So Much Fun!

My hubby and I are back from vacation, and just in time for me to be this week's featured author over at Linda H's blog, Reading is So Much Fun. I'm so excited about it, too! Starting tomorrow, she'll be posting an interview with me as well as posting excerpts from my books each day, so be sure to check in with her throughout the week!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Your Hunky Hero for Today Is...

Like most writers I know, I like to have an image of my characters in mind when I work on a story, and this hot guy definitely fits my idea of Hayden, the sexy, authoritative police detective from my book, Samantha and the Detective!