Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beach Book Bonanza Giveaway!

You can win a $50.00 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble (winner's choice) in the Beach Book Bonanza!  To enter, just click on the link below!

Don't forget to check the Facebook Author pages of all the romance authors participating and give them a "LIKE." Hope you find something new to read and love!

Here's a list of participating authors. Click on their names to visit their Facebook Author pages!

Dana Marton
Jayne Rylon
Debra Kayn
Robyn Peterman
Cat Johnson
Alannah Lynne
Leah Braemel
Ciara Knight
Virna DePaul
Paige Tyler

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - The Monsters of Monster University!


Barbosa Goretega
Brock Pearson

Brynn Larson

Chet Alexander

Dean Hardscrabble


Henry J. Waternoose

James P. Sullivan

Johnny Worthington III

Mike Wazowski

Professor Knight


Randall Boggs


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've Got a Street Team!

Did you know that I have a Street Team?!  If you love my books and want to be part of the fun, email me at or my team coordinator Carla at

You can also request to join here!!/groups/207121629402127/

In addition to hanging out with the awesome fangirls there, you'll also get little "thank you's" from me throughout the year in the form of goodies!

Check out a pic of me with some of my team members at the Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - Man of Steel!

Thirteen Reasons to See Man of Steel!

1. Henry Cavill
2. Henry Cavill
3. Henry Cavill
4. Henry Cavill
5. Henry Cavill
6. Henry Cavill
7. Henry Cavill
8. Henry Cavill
9. Henry Cavill
10. Henry Cavill
11. Henry Cavill
12. Henry Cavill
13. Did I mention Henry Cavill?!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cover Squee! DEAD SEXY!

So excited to finally reveal the cover for my upcoming paranormal romance release, EPIC Award Finalist, 5-Star Reviewed and Winner of the Gold Star Award at JERR, DEAD SEXY

Gemini Judson is the artist and it features the hunky Jimmy Thomas! Zombies never looked so good!

Can her love save him from a curse worse than death?

Romance author Simone Kent thinks she might just have found the most perfect guy in all of New York City - in bed and out.

But Drake Parrish is about as far from perfect as any man can get. Eight years ago, he was cursed by an evil Voodoo priestess to live part of his life as a zombie. Since then, he has lived like a recluse on New York’s Upper East Side, afraid to go out for fear he’ll suddenly turn into one of the walking dead.

The sex is the hottest either of them has ever experienced and Simone discovers just how naughty she can be with Drake, while he finds himself feeling things for Simone he hasn’t felt in a very long time. When the Voodoo priestess learns of their relationship, however, she comes after him again. She's determined he won't have a future with Simone, even if that means killing  both him and the woman he loves.

Read an Excerpt!

Coming in July to Amazon, B&N and ARe!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - Lori Foster Get Together!

Thirteen Writers and Readers We Hung Out with at the Lori Foster Get Together!

1. Monette Michaels
2. Maddy Barone
3. Brenda Wheeler
4. Janet Juengling-Snell
5. Cindy Overton
6. Barb Ledbetter
7. Kimberly Radicy-Rocha
8. Desiree Holt
9. Mary Quast
10. Kathryn M.
11. Jessica P.
12. Robyn Bachar
13. Diana B.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lori Foster Get Together!

The Lori Foster Get Together is one of the best conferences around, and this year's was no exception!

Even though it didn't officially start until Thursday, hubby and I got there on Wednesday. After checking in, we headed over to our favorite restaurant PF Changs where we talked books, then went back to the hotel and hung out.  We got to sleep in the next morning, which was bliss, then did some writing before going over to IKEA, where we promptly lost ourselves in the wonders of home decor and furnishings for a couple hours.  If we didn't have dinner reservations that night, we might still be there! Yeah, we love that place!

That night it was back to PF Changs (told you it was our favorite restaurant!) for dinner with Monette Michaels, whom we met the first time we went to Lori's and have been good friends with ever since.  Dinner with her at Changs has become a tradition.  After that, it was back to the hotel to regsiter and get our badges, then hang out at the meet and greet.  It was the first time Lori had something on Thursday like that, and hope she does it again because it was so much fun!  Hubby and I hung out with the fangirls from my Street Team - Brenda Wheeler, Janet Juengling-Snell, Cindy Overton, Kimberly Radicy-Rocha and Barb Ledbetter - as well as fellow Romance Divas Maddy Barone, Mary Quast and Robyn Bachar, and their friends Jessica P. and Diana B., along with Kathryn M. Oh, and there was a DJ for dancing.  Yay!

Surprisingly, we didn't stay up too late that night.  Mostly because we had to be up early the next day to help stuff goody bags. You get to meet lots of new people while doing it, so it's always fun!  It took most of the day, though, so we didn't get to hang out much until dinner.  Then it was time for the book signing.  It's one of the highlights of the conference because I get to meet so many people. Even recruited some new members for my Street Team! Love it!  Afterward, we met up with Desiree Holt and her daughter in the bar, which rocked!

We slept in again on Saturday, then spent the day hanging out with everyone until crazy late that night!  Man, were we tired the next day!  But spending time with Brenda and her hubby and Maddy and Jessica, then Janet and Cindy after that was worth it!

Can't wait until next time!

I have pictures on my FB page, so hope you'll stop by!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tasty Tuesday Hunk!

I don't usually go for tattoos, but a few well-placed ones on a hunky guy, well that's totally different!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - Summer Reading Trail!

Thirteen Authors in the June Summer Reading Trail!

1. Holly Trent
2. Lynne Emery
3. Nena Clements
4. Kristina Knight
5. Krista Maurice
6. Charlotte McClain
7. Elizabeth Fountain
8. Elaine Cantrell
9. Vivien Jackson
10. Diana Green
11. Kate Hill
12. Phoebe Matthews
13. Me!

Check it out!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bestseller at ARe!

Squee! Just saw that THE BADGE BUNNIES SERIES and THE BUCKLE BUNNIES SERIES are Bestsellers at ARe!