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New Cover! RIDE 'EM HARD!

Got my new cover for RIDE 'EM HARD!  It's the third book in my Buckle Bunnies Series and as you can tell from the sexy cover, it's a hot cowboy menage!

When Shawna Barton's best friend and barrel racer Britt Miles comes to town, she can't wait to have a girls' night out. The two haven't seen each other in years and the usually shy, reserved Shawna loves hearing about her friend's exploits, especially her most recent sexual encounter with handsome bull rider Clay Winters.

Things take a sexy turn after they run into the man himself a little while later. When he asks them to go dancing, the two women can't refuse and before Shawna knows it, she forgets about her inhibitions and is out there bumping and grinding on the floor with Britt and Clay.

The night gets even more interesting when Clay suggests they take their little threesome back to his place for the kind of ride only a cowboy knows how to give a girl - or in this case, two of them!

Coming Soon to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance eBooks!


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Thursday Thirteen - Excerpts from HOT OFF THE RED CARPET!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from HOT OFF THE RED CARPET!
Addison had expected a maid to open the door. Maybe a butler. Or even a bodyguard. Heck, even his manager. Anyone but Trevor Braden himself.

But there he stood. All mouth-watering, six-foot-four inches of him. And even more gorgeous in person.

She’d known he was tall, of course, but in real life, he seemed taller. His shoulders seemed broader, too. And his soulful dark eyes a more golden brown. His dark hair was slightly tousled as if he’d just run his fingers through it, and there was a slight scruff of beard outlining that amazingly chiseled jaw. He hadn’t bothered to tuck in the button-up shirt he was wearing, and beneath his jeans, his feet were bare. She’d been right. He had been getting dressed. 

“Hi.” He gave her a smile. “Come on in.”

Addison blinked. Trevor Braden, the most gorgeous, in-demand, sexiest hunk in Hollywood had just spoken to her. And she was just standing there staring at him like a dufus.
She looked up at him from beneath lowered lashes. “Y-you’re going to fire me, aren’t you."


She blinked, not sure that she’d heard right. “You’re not?”

“No,” he said again. “But I am going to make sure that we don’t have a repeat performance of what happened tonight.”

Addison frowned, not sure where he was going with that. “I don’t understand.”

“Which is why I intend to make myself perfectly clear.”

Taking her arm, Trevor marched her over to the leather couch that was set along one wall. What was he going to do, sit her down and lecture her? She was just about to say that wouldn’t be necessary when he sat down and pulled her unceremoniously over his knee.

Addison was so startled that for a moment all she could do was lay there draped over his muscular legs and stare down at the plush, beige carpet. What the heck was he doing? She craned her neck to look over her shoulder at him and was shocked to feel a sharp smack on her upturned bottom.

“Mr. Braden, what—?” She gasped as his hand came down again, this time on her other cheek. Oh my God, he was spanking her!
One second, he had been talking to Addison, and the next thing he knew, she’d been over his lap.

It had been freaking amazing. Her ass had been just as tight as he’d imagined, and watching her wiggle that perfect bottom of hers while he’d brought his hand down on her cheeks again and again had to be the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. He’d been hard as a rock for half the night dreaming about how delectable she’d looked.

But that had been last night, in the midst of some fit of madness. Now, in the clear and alarming light of day, he realized how incredibly stupid he had been.

Oh yeah, he was going to pay big for those few moments of insanity. He could see the tabloid headlines now.


Access Hollywood would probably run a special segment on him, maybe Entertainment Tonight, too. They’d call it “Hollywood Men and the Women They Spank.” Damn, this was going to be bad.
When they arrived at the studio, Trevor let Addison step out of the limo first. As she did so, he found his gaze automatically going to her butt. Damn, damn, and double damn. She had an amazing ass. Thoughts of her wiggling around on his lap while he spanked her came to mind unbidden, and he let out a groan as he his cock went hard inside his jeans. Down boy, he told himself. Under no circumstances was he ever going to put his personal assistant over his knee and spank her again.

Two hours later, however, he was beginning to think maybe he shouldn’t have made such a silly promise. If there were ever a woman who needed her bottom warmed again, it was Addison.

She blinked back tears as she opened another drawer. She was a complete and utter failure as a personal assistant. Worse, she’d made a complete fool of herself in front of her favorite actor. But she’d been so worried for Trevor when those stunt men had been beating him up. It had looked so real, she hadn’t been able to control her reaction. And Trevor had spanked her for it. She reached back with one hand to rub her tender bottom. There probably wasn’t another personal assistant in all of Hollywood who got spanked by their boss.
Addison had never been to a photo shoot before, but since she had every magazine Trevor had ever been featured in, the opportunity to actually go behind the scenes was even more exciting. She just hoped they didn’t have him posing with some bikini-clad model. That would just spoil the whole thing.

She glanced around, looking for one, when she spotted two girls standing over by one of the lights. While attractive, neither of them were wearing bikinis, which meant they clearly weren’t models. They were talking about Trevor, though. Curious, Addison took a step closer so she could hear better.

“You got to do Matthew McConaughey last time,” one of the girls said. “That means I get to do Trevor Braden.

Addison’s eyes narrowed. Despite the fact she was Trevor’s assistant and had no claim on him, she couldn’t help the little stab of jealousy that went through her at the thought of him having sex with either girl. They weren’t even his type.

“Or,” the other girl said with a smile, “we could both oil him down.”

The first girl giggled. “Oooh, a Trevor Braden sandwich.  I like it!"

Addison almost laughed. The girls weren’t talking about sleeping with Trevor; they were talking about rubbing him down with oil for the photo shoot. Which now, that she thought about it, wasn’t all that funny. She didn’t like the idea of the two girls running their hands all over him any more than she liked the idea of them jumping into bed with him. A Trevor Braden sandwich? Not if she could help it.
The ocean breeze had pulled a few strands of hair free from the bun at the nape of her neck to blow them across her face and she reached up to nervously tuck them behind her ear as she gave him a smile. “The make-up girls were fighting over which one of them would get to rub you down, so in the interest of keeping the peace, I thought it might be better to do it myself. If that’s okay with you, I mean?”
Trevor regarded her in silence for a moment as if wondering whether to believe her story or not, but then the corner of his mouth edged up. “It’s okay with me if it’s okay with you. It’s not really in your job description, though, so I understand if you don’t want to do it.”
Want to? It was fantasy come true.
Addison tried to be as professional about rubbing Trevor down with the oil as she could, especially since they had an audience, but it was impossible not to get all hot and bothered. As she ran her hands over his broad shoulders and muscular chest, then down his six-pack abs, it was all she could do not to tear off her own clothes and rub the oil on with her naked body. Her pussy purred at the thought.
Stifling a moan, she kneeled down so she could do his legs and found herself eye level with his crotch. For the second time that day, she completely forgot about the bottle of oil in her hand. All she could do was stare at his package and think how she was in the perfect position to give him a blow-job. A little tug on those navy blue swim trunks and…
Her pussy began to throb and she ran one hand down to finger her clit, pretending it was Trevor who was touching her. She caught her lower lip between her teeth as she imagined him bending his head to kiss her.
She pictured him sliding his oily hand over her hip to cup her ass as he thrust a finger deep inside her. She began to move her own fingers faster and faster on her clit, pretending they were his. 
Oh yeah, Trevor.  You’re going to make me come.
But just as she felt herself start to climax, the Trevor in her fantasy lifted his hand and smacked her on the ass.
Her eyes flew open and her orgasm faded as she jerked her fingers away. Okay, where the heck had that thought come from?
Taking a glass of champagne from a passing waiter’s tray, Addison started to make her way over to Trevor when she saw a tall, dark-haired woman sidle up to him.  Addison immediately stopped in her tracks as she recognized Cindi Adams. Heiress to a multi-million dollar company, she was one of those people in Hollywood who had a reality show on cable and thought that made her an actress. She was simply famous for being famous. And for her huge breasts, of course, as well as her willingness to show them off to anyone and everyone. She was known for being at any affair where there were cameras, booze and hot guys. Apparently, the hot guy she was interested in tonight was Trevor.
Addison’s hand tightened on the glass in her hand as she watched Cindi practically drape herself all over him. Her plastic boobs were in serious danger of falling out of the indecently low-cut white gown she was wearing. Maybe OSHA should slap a warning sticker on those things—they could hurt someone.
despite how much the spanks stung, she was getting excited as hell. She had been half afraid that when Trevor put her over his knee, she would focus so much on the sting of the spanks she wouldn’t get as aroused as she had in her fantasies. But if anything, the sting that went along with the spanking seemed to get her even more turned on than her fantasies had, and she had to bite her lip several times to keep from letting out a moan.

As she began to squirm more and more slowly in an effort to grind against Trevor’s leg, Addison wondered if he could tell she was getting excited. From the way his hand lingered on her ass after each smack, she thought for sure he must. That thought got her even hotter and she found herself wishing he would flip up her short robe and spank her on the bare bottom.
“I can’t let this slide, you know that, right?”

It suddenly dawned on Addison why Trevor had brought her to his room. He was going to spank her again. Why the heck had it taken her so long to figure that out? Because Trevor was acting completely different than he had the other times he’d spanked her. He wasn’t the least bit upset she’d messed up. In fact, he looked almost pleased she’d given him a reason to put her over his knee. As if he enjoyed spanking her as much as she enjoyed getting spanked. A slow fire spread over her whole body at the possibility. The warmth settled in the space between her legs and her pussy quivered.

Abruptly realizing he was waiting for an answer, she blushed and nodded. “I know. And you’re right. I should have thought about the traffic and had us leave earlier. It was my fault we were late. I suppose I should probably be spanked."

She felt her face flush even more as she said the words. She couldn’t believe how easily they’d rolled off her tongue. It was like someone had given her a script. Which wasn’t too far off. Being here in Trevor’s bedroom was like something out of a movie. Or her wildest fantasies.
Addison held her breath as she waited for Trevor to begin, but instead he surprised her by gently rubbing her bottom through her skirt. She let out a soft sigh of pleasure, unable to help herself. Something told her this spanking wasn’t going to be like the others he’d given her.

“You have no idea how much I want to take you to bed right now,” he said hoarsely.
Her lips curved into a smile. “So, what’s stopping you?”

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I'm so excited to announce I have a new release with Blushing Books called HOT OFF THE RED CARPET!  I've written a lot of books with spanking in them lately, but I haven't written a spanking romance, so I started playing around with ideas and came up with a story about a girl who jumps at the chance to become her favorite movie star's personal assistant.  She's been crushing on him forever and can barely contain her inner fan girl. That makes it difficult to do her job and when she messes up one too many times, the hunky actor doesn't hesitate to put her over his knee!

Addison Mattingly has spent her life living in her twin sister’s shadow, so when her sister blows off a chance to be actor Trevor Braden’s personal assistant, Addison decides it’s time to step into the spotlight.
Pretending to be her twin, Addison goes to LA to take the job. Trevor is even hunkier and more gorgeous in person than he is on film, and it’s all Addison can do not to give into her inner fan girl.
That fascination makes a difficult job even harder, and soon she’s making one mistake after another. That’s when Addison learns Trevor has a unique way of getting her to focus on her job—he puts her over his knee and spanks her.


Once she and Trevor were seated in the back of the limo, Addison gave him a sheepish look. “I’m sorry about the mix-up with the limo.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Trevor said.

Though his handsome face gave nothing away, there was no mistaking the brusqueness in his deep voice, and Addison flushed. He wouldn’t fire her over this, would he? It was her first day, after all. Shoulders slumping, she turned to stare out the window.

Neither of them spoke the rest of the way back to Beverly Hills. When they got to his house, Addison was surprised to find the producer and director already waiting for them. She glanced at her watch and was shocked to see that her mistake back at the television studio had completely thrown them off schedule.

“They’ve been waiting for almost an hour,” Maribel whispered, throwing a nervous glance over her shoulder at the two men in the living room. “I was afraid they were going to leave, so I’ve been trying to appease them with hors d’oeuvres.”

Trevor scowled. “I’ll take care of it. Thank you, Maribel.”

Addison gave the cook a grateful smile before hurrying after Trevor. God, she hoped this didn’t cost him the part.

But Trevor was extremely good at smoothing any feathers that had been ruffled, and after a few minutes, both men were more interested in discussing their movie than they were in the fact that Trevor had been late.

As Addison listened to them talk, her gaze strayed to the array of hors d’oeuvres on the table. She hadn’t eaten since lunch and the sight of all that shrimp, lobster and caviar was making her mouth water. She was just wondering if it was acceptable for personal assistants to eat during a meeting with their boss’s potential employers when it suddenly occurred to her that all of the hors d’oeuvres had been made with seafood. Oh crap. She was supposed to tell Maribel that the director had an aversion to anything with seafood in it.

Hoping Maribel hadn’t already left for the night, Addison murmured something about checking her messages, then hurried into the kitchen. Fortunately, the cook was still there. She quickly explained the situation to the other woman.

“Do you have anything else we could serve?” Addison asked.

Maribel shook her head. “I make all my hors d’oeuvres by hand.”

Great. Addison chewed on her lower lip, trying to come up with an idea. “What about cheese and crackers. I know it’s not as fancy, but at least it’s not seafood.”

Maribel was silent as she considered the suggestion, but then she nodded. “I do have some cheese.” She opened the refrigerator. “There are crackers in the pantry. Top shelf on your right.”

The pantry was more like a small food store, so Addison had her pick of crackers. They were all fancier than anything she’d ever bought for herself, so she chose two boxes at random, then set the crackers out on a plate while Maribel sliced an equally fancy assortment of cheeses.

Ten minutes later, Addison was back in the living room with a huge plate of cheese and crackers in her hands. Trevor was going over some lines for the part he’d be playing, and it was all she could do not to stop in her tracks and listen to his sexy voice.

Careful not to interrupt, she set the plate of cheese and crackers down on the coffee table, then sat down in the overstuffed chair. She’d never really given much thought to how an actor went about getting a part in a movie, but the whole thing was extremely fascinating. Not nearly as fascinating as Trevor, though. Hearing him read for the part of a no-nonsense cop was almost enough to make her swoon.

Somehow, she managed to control herself, but only because Trevor had finished going over the script and was now discussing set locations. Noticing the director could use a refill on his coffee, Addison picked up the carafe and at his nod, began to pour some into the cup he was holding. As she did, she made the mistake of glancing over at Trevor. The moment her eyes met his, she completely forgot what she was supposed to be doing. The next thing she knew, the director was howled of pain.

Addison jerked out of her trance to find that she’d spilled hot coffee all over the director’s pants.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” the man demanded, jumping to his feet.

Heat suffused her face. “Oh God, I’m so sorry!” She set the carafe down on the table and grabbed a handful of cocktail napkins. “Here, let me—”

The director grabbed the napkins out of her hand. “I think you’ve done enough,” he snarled, giving her a hard look as he wiped his sodden pants.

Addison felt her color deepen. “I…” she began, but he had already turned his attention on Trevor.

“We’ll be in touch,” he said stiffly.

Throwing the napkins down on the coffee table, the director pushed past Addison and stormed out of the room. The producer murmured something to Trevor she didn’t catch before he left, too. A moment later, she heard the front door slam.  

Addison gave Trevor a sheepish look. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention, I guess, and…” The words trailed off at the dark look on his face. “I-I’ll go and apologize.”

She turned and started for the door, but Trevor caught her arm.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Like Clive said, you’ve done enough damage already. I’ll go.”

Addison’s bottom lip trembled as she watched Trevor walk out of the living room. If her carelessness had cost him this movie, she was done for, she was sure of it.

Blinking back tears, Addison picked up two of the plates of uneaten hors d’oeuvres and carried them into the kitchen. Maribel frowned at the cheese and crackers.

“They didn’t like that, either?” she asked.

Apparently, Maribel mustn’t have heard the shouting. Addison set the plates down on the granite countertop. “They…um…had to leave.”

The other woman’s frowned deepened at that, but Addison didn’t offer any more details. It was bad enough she’d embarrassed herself in front of Trevor and his guests. Going back out into the living room, she collected the rest of the plates and carried them into the kitchen. Maribel was covering the cheese and crackers with plastic wrap, and Addison grabbed one of the crab puffs before the women could do the same to the other hors d’oeuvres.

She was just working on her second one when Trevor walked in. From the look on his face, Addison couldn’t tell if his talk with the director had gone well or not, and she braced herself.

“When you’re finished here, I’d like to speak to you, Addison. I’ll wait for you in your office.”

Addison swallowed hard, the piece of crab puff almost getting caught in her throat. Well, at least he hadn’t fired her in front of Maribel. Avoiding the other woman’s curious gaze, she slid off the stool she’d been sitting on and left the kitchen.

She made her way down the hallway on leaden feet. She’d never gotten fired from any job she’d ever had, and the prospect of being given her walking papers after half a day as Trevor Braden’s personal assistant made tears sting her eyes. If her sister found out, she’d never live it down.

Addison stood outside the door to her office for a moment to collect herself. Finally taking a deep breath, she walked in.

Trevor was leaning back against the desk, his arms folded across his broad chest, and Addison’s pulse quickened. Even on the verge of being fired, all she could think about was how incredibly sexy he was.

“You wanted to see me?” she asked in a small voice.

He pushed away from the desk. “Close the door, if you would.”

Addison did as he asked, and then turned to face him. She waited for him to say something, but he only stood regarding her with those soulful dark eyes, his arms still crossed over his chest.

She looked up at him from beneath lowered lashes. “Y-you’re going to fire me, aren’t you?”


She blinked, not sure that she’d heard right. “You’re not?”

“No,” he said again. “But I am going to make sure that we don’t have a repeat performance of what happened tonight.”

Addison frowned, not sure where he was going with that. “I don’t understand.”

“Which is why I intend to make myself perfectly clear.”

Taking her arm, Trevor marched her over to the leather couch that was set along one wall. What was he going to do, sit her down and lecture her? She was just about to say that wouldn’t be necessary when he sat down and pulled her unceremoniously over his knee.

Addison was so startled that for a moment all she could do was lay there draped over his muscular legs and stare down at the plush, beige carpet. What the heck was he doing? She craned her neck to look over her shoulder at him and was shocked to feel a sharp smack on her upturned bottom.
“Mr. Braden, what—?” She gasped as his hand came down again, this time on her other cheek. Oh my God, he was spanking her!
Buy it at Blushing Books!
Buy it at Amazon!

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Tasty Tuesday Hunk!

Did I mention I love the beach?!


The Winner of the Men of the Military Blog Hop!

The winner of the Men of the Military Blog Hop is Vampire Mistress! Congratulations!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and commented!


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Men of the Mililtary Giveaway Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Men of the Military Giveaway Blog Hop Nov 9 - 15!

I have a super secret book I'm working on with a hunky military hero, but since I can't reveal the details yet, I'm going to feature my hot cop menage RIDE-ALONG. the fourth book in my bestselling Badge Bunnies Series. One of the heroes - Grant Chapman -  is former military, an Army MP to be exact, so he knows his way around a pair of handcuff! If you haven't read any of the other books in the series yet, don't worry.  You don't have to read them in sequence!

I'll be giving away a download of RIDE-ALONG for the hop! The giveaway is open to anyone and everyone (US, Canada and International) with an email address! To enter, leave a comment along with your email address. I'll announce the winner on the 16th!

Happy Reading!

The pleasure these two hunks give her should probably be illegal!

Laci Howe has always had a thing for cops, so she's thrilled when her newspaper editor sends her on a ride-along with two of San Francisco's finest.

Jase Neilsen and Grant Chapman are so gorgeous, she can't help but flirt a little as she interviews them. When the two cops confide in her about one of the perks that comes with the being a man in uniform - badge bunnies - she's intrigued. Things get even more interesting when they tell her in graphic and very sexy detail about their experiences with these cop-loving ladies.

Laci's so turned on by the time the ride-along ends, she gives into her inner badge bunny and invites Jase and Grant back to her place for a hot night of sex complete with spanking and handcuffs that she won't soon forget. The pleasure she experiences at the hands of the two men is so far beyond amazing, it should probably be considered illegal. Good thing she's with two cops, isn't it?


When they got to her place, Laci didn’t get out of the car right away. She didn't know what she wanted, but she knew she didn't want this day to end yet.

She took a big gulp of air and summoned her courage. “Do you want to come in for coffee?”

The two cops glanced at each other, but didn’t answer. Talk about awkward.

Her face colored. “I don’t know what I was thinking. You probably have to get back to work.” She fumbled for the door handle. “Thank you for all the information you gave me. The article will probably be in this Sunday’s paper, if you want to read it.”

“Laci, wait,” Grant said.

She froze.

“Our shift is over.” Jase smiled. “Coffee sounds great.”

Laci’s hand trembled as she unlocked the door to her apartment, but if either man noticed, they didn’t mention it. Jase and Grant had a presence about them that made her small apartment feel even smaller. It didn’t help that the sexual tension was so thick it made it hard to breathe. Between that, and their badge bunny stories, it was hard not to say the hell with the coffee and drag them off to the bedroom.

Cool it, girl. The two cops were just there for coffee.

She poured the steaming brew into mugs, then handed one to each man before adding creamer and sweetener to her own. “I had a wonderful time today.”

She almost laughed. The way she’d said it made it sound like they were on a date instead of a ride-along. Sad part was, it hadn’t been a date, and yet it still rated a lot higher than most of the ones she’d been on.

Jase flashed her a sexy grin over the rim of his coffee mug. “Me, too. It was fun.”

“You were both so helpful and informative,” she continued. “I only wish I could repay you.”

And how exactly would she do that? It’s not like she could ask one out on a date without offending the other. Even if she could, she wouldn’t be able to choose. Not when she was seriously attracted to both of them.

“Don't worry about it.” Grant’s mouth curved. “Department policy prohibits any kind of payment for what we did today.”

“Actually,” Jase said. “There is one form of repayment that would be okay.”

“Really?” Laci’s pulse skipped a beat. He was going to ask her out. Hot damn!

“What do you have in mind?”

He smiled. “I think a kiss would make us just about even for today's ride-along.”

Laci blinked. He was kidding, right? Not that she’d mind kissing either cop. But Jase didn’t look as if he was joking. Maybe he’d gotten that first-date vibe, too. Maybe all their sexual banter had gotten him as hot as it had gotten her.

Don't go there. She’d be damn embarrassed—not to mention disappointed—if she thought that was how things were going to turn out and they didn't. But if a peck on the cheek was all he or Grant wanted—she couldn’t give one cop a kiss and not the other—she wouldn’t turn them down.

When she didn’t say anything, Grant eyed her curiously, probably wondering if Jase had overstepped. Jase looked a little unsure himself.

She set down her coffee mug and gave them a sexy smile. “A kiss seems more than fair.”

Grant let out a snort. “Well, if Jase is getting paid with a kiss, count me in.”

Laci laughed. “Okay. But he asked first, so he gets his kiss first.”

Stepping up to Jase, she placed her hands on chest—damn, he had a hard body—then went up on tiptoe and kissed him. On the mouth.

His lips were gentle on hers, almost questing, as if he wanted to go further, but wasn’t sure if he should. She parted her lips, hoping he’d take it as an invitation, but he didn’t. It was still a nice kiss, though, and when he handed her off to Grant, she went reluctantly.

Until his partner’s mouth came down on hers. While she didn’t exactly forget about Jase, at the moment, she found it a little difficult to think of anything but Grant. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and finding her tongue with his to play an erotic game of Twister. Laci moaned, reaching up to bury her hands in his dark hair
as he devoured her mouth. Now that was a kiss.

“Hey,” Jase grumbled. “I thought we were talking about a peck on the lips. If I'd known a real kiss was on the menu, I wouldn't have settled for that chaste-ass one I gave her.”

Grant chuckled as he released her. “I’m sure Laci wouldn’t mind if you gave her another one. Would you, Laci?”

She shook her head, too weak-kneed from the kiss Grant had given her to do more than that. By the time Jase pulled her into his arms, she was fully in control of her faculties again and immediately slipped her tongue into his mouth to tangle with his.

Jase weaved his fingers in her hair, sliding one muscular thigh between her legs.

She sighed and ground against him as much as she dared. Her pussy spasmed at the contact. The feel of Jase’s erection pressing into her tummy nudged her excitement level up a few notches, and she clung to his shoulders to keep from getting too carried away and doing something she shouldn’t. Like sliding her hand down between their bodies and caress him through his uniform pants.

She got the feeling Jase wouldn’t complain if she did. In fact, the casual way he’d suggested she thank them with a kiss made her think he and Grant planned this all along. Was she the object of a well-orchestrated badge bunny set-up?

Maybe. But as Jase gently rotated his hip, Laci decided she didn't care if they had set her up. Some part of her had been hoping this would happen when she invited them in for coffee. The real question was whether she was actually about to get her badge-bunny
ticket punched by two hunky cops at once?

She wasn't sure, but she was damn eager to find out.

Jase slid his hand down her back to almost certainly cup her ass, but Grant snatched her back before she could find out.

“You don’t have to hog her, you know,” Grant muttered.

Laci couldn’t help but laugh. She felt like she was a bottle of champagne being passed back and forth after a championship game. “Play nice, you two,” she scolded as Grant put his arms around her. “There's no reason you can't share. There's enough of
me to go around.”

Grant pulled back to look at her, his dark eyes smoldering. “You sure about that?”

She frowned, not sure whether to be insulted or not. “You don't think there's enough of me to go around?”

Grinning, he pulled her tight against his chest, letting one of his legs slide between hers to come into intimate contact with her pussy. She bit back a moan as heat pooled between her thighs.

“Oh, I have no doubt there's enough of you to satisfy the both of us, Laci. The question I'm asking is whether you want both of us. Really want us. At the same time. Right now.”

Grant had only put into words what she'd been thinking, so Laci didn’t know why she hesitated, but she did. Maybe because Jase stepped up behind her and ran his fingers down her arms until his hands were on her hips. With both men this close to her, touching her at the same time, she was suddenly a lot more unsure of herself.

Could she do this—have sex with two men at the same time?

To check out the other books in the series, or to find out how to purchase your copy of RIDE-ALONG, visit my wesbite at

Now how about a look at the former military hottie Grant Chapman?!

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Thursday Thirteen - Excerpts from THE REAL THING!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from THE REAL THING!
Despite four-wheel drive, the Denali went into a slide, sending him into a complete three-sixty before he came to a stop. He glanced in the rearview mirror, checking to see if the person was okay, but all he saw was falling snow. He hoped to God he hadn’t hit whoever it was.
Swearing under his breath, Logan pushed open the door and stepped out onto the snowy road.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” a female voice demanded from behind him. “You could’ve hit me, you moron.”
Logan turned to see a woman skidding to a stop in front of him. She caught herself, arms windmilling as she got her balance. He took in the short dress, light jacket and long, blonde hair with a sweep of his gaze. He’d be damned. The fool woman was actually wearing freaking high heels in a blizzard. She might look sexy as hell in them, but she didn’t have a lick of sense when it came to clothes.
Raine blinked. Spend the night with a guy she didn’t know in some cabin in the middle of nowhere? She’d done that in an embarrassingly crappy low-budget horror flick back when she was first trying to make it in Hollywood. She’d played an unsuspecting hitchhiker who got a ride with a guy who turned out to be a serial killer. The ending for her character hadn’t been good.
She lifted her chin to look down her nose at him. Which was hard to do since he was much taller than she was. “Don’t you know who I am?”
He lifted a brow. “Should I?”
She narrowed her eyes at him. “I’m Raine Montgomery.”
“And that should mean something to me?”
“I’m Raine Montgomery, the movie star.”
He regarded her for a moment. “Sorry. Never heard of you.”
He had to be joking. But the blank look on his face told her he wasn’t. He really didn’t know who she was. Considering the source, that shouldn’t have been a blow to her ego, but it was. “Everyone’s heard of me. Unless they’ve been living under a rock somewhere.”
He clenched his jaw. “I don’t watch a lot of TV. Apparently, you don’t, either.” He looked pointedly at her shoes. “At least not the Weather Channel, anyway.”
She lifted her chin. “The weather was beautiful in LA when I left.”
His mouth quirked. “Yeah, well, this isn’t LA. I’m going to get some wood. Are you going to help, or not?”
His only answer was a snort as he walked out.
Raine hugged her jacket closer and sat down on the couch. It was his cabin. Let him get his own damn wood.
Picking up his empty bowl, Logan pushed back his chair and got to his feet. She watched in silence as he washed out the bowl and placed it in the dish rack. If she knew what she’d done to offend him, she would have apologized to him. But what would she say? I’m sorry for insulting your man-cave?
Raine rolled onto her side. She thought she’d be tired enough to fall asleep right away, but the couch wasn’t nearly as soft as a bed, and no matter which way she laid, she couldn’t get comfortable. She punched her pillow and turned onto her back again.
Logan swore. “Just go to sleep, would you?”
“I can’t. This couch is as hard as a rock.” She threw back the blanket and got to her feet. “If you’d just taken me into a hotel like I asked, we’d both be sleeping right now.”
She tried to straighten the blankets, but all she did was make more of a mess out of them.
“You can leave any time you want, you know,” Logan said tersely.
Raine whirled around to face him. He was lying on his back, his arms behind his head. She glared down at him. “You’ve got to be the most annoying man I’ve ever met. First, you almost run me down. And instead of apologizing, you tell me I’m an idiot for standing in the road trying to get your attention. Then you don’t even try to dig out my car. Nor do you take me where I want to go because you don’t want to drive a few hours out of your way, even though I offered to pay you. Instead, you drag me off to this cabin where there’s no heat, barely any hot water, and no bed. I—”
“Dammit, that’s it,” Logan growled.
Raine took a nervous step back as he got to his feet and came toward her, dark eyes glinting in the firelight. “What are you—?”
The words turned into a startled gasp as Logan grabbed her arm, then sat down on the couch and yanked her over his knee. For a moment, she was too stunned to do anything but lay there. When she finally pushed herself up, he pushed her back down.
“What the hell do you think you’re—?”
A sharp smack landed on her ass. Oh. My. God. The bastard was actually spanking her!
Raine had left the door ajar, and through the opening he could see her curled up on the couch, reading. She hadn’t pulled the blanket around her, and from where he was standing, he had a perfect view of her long, shapely legs left bare by the skimpy shorts. He could just make out the slight curve of her ass, too. The sight of all that satin skin was almost hypnotizing. He swore under his breath as he felt his groin tighten.
For a self-centered brat who irritated the hell out of him, she was damn hot. And her ass was just about as perfect as you could get. Something he’d noticed while he’d been spanking her. He’d just been too pissed off to appreciate it. That was one derriere he wouldn’t mind spanking for fun—which, up until last night, was the only reason he’d ever spanked a woman. Raine didn’t seem like the type who’d go for it, though. Too bad.
“I thought you learned something from that spanking I gave you the other night, but I guess not.”

“I learned that you’re a Neanderthal who likes to put a woman over your knee whenever she does something you don’t like.”

“Not all women. Just the ones who act like spoiled brats.”

“I am not a spoiled brat!”

His brow rose. “So, you’re saying you weren’t about to throw yourself on the floor and start kicking and screaming? Could have fooled me.”

She almost stamped her foot, but caught herself just in time when she realized what a field day he’d have with that. She settled on a growl of frustration instead. “Just go into your studio and paint something, dammit.”

“I’ll do that. Right after I spank you.”

Raine backpedaled, almost tripping over her weekender bag. “You are not spanking me again.”

Logan advanced on her, sidestepping the bag without even looking down. “Oh yes, I am.”

She backed up some more, but he grabbed her arm before she could take more than two steps. She dug in her heels, but her bare feet hand couldn’t get enough of a grip.

“Let me go, you Cro-Magnon!”

He spun around so abruptly she had to take a step back. “I thought you said I was a Neanderthal.”

“Same thing,” she ground out.

“Not really.” Did he just smirk? “Cro-Magnons are much more advanced."

She clenched her teeth. “Then that’s definitely not you.”

This time he most certainly smirked. She probably would have slapped it off his face if he hadn’t sat down on the couch and yanked her tumbling over his knee.
When he finally let her up, her face was as red as her ass had to be. She struggled to pull up her shorts as she glared up at him.

“You bastard,” she spat. “You’re not going to get away with this. As soon as I’m out of here, I’m going to the cops and telling them everything. I—” 

“You’re even more beautiful when you’re angry, did you know that?”

Logan’s words made her do a double take. “What?”

His dark eyes smoldered with heat. “It’s true. You’re sexy as hell when you’re mad.  Almost as sexy as you are when you’re getting your ass tanned—you obviously can’t see it, but you have the most amazing wiggle when you’re getting spanked.  Seriously sexy.”

She stared at him for a long time, speechless. What the hell was he saying—and how the hell should she respond?  When she finally did think of something to say, Logan’s mouth came down on hers before she could get the words out.

Raine was so startled at first that she automatically kissed Logan back. It was what a woman did when a man this hot put his lips on you.  His mouth was gentle on hers, his tongue teasing, and she ran her hands halfway up his chest, seeking the button on his shirt, before she remembered where she was and who was kissing her. She pushed against his chest with a sound of indignation. Logan lifted his head, but didn’t release his hold on her shoulders.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded. “You can’t kiss me like that.”

His mouth twitched. “Well, if not like that, how about like this?”

Logan buried his hands in her hair and tipped her head back. Raine  parted her lips under his, a low moan of pleasure slipping out as his tongue entwined with hers. The anger she’d felt disappeared to be replaced with a suddenly knee-weakening desire to be completely and totally possessed by this man. She didn’t care that he’d just held her down over his knee and spanked her. Hell, maybe that was why she wanted him so much. Or maybe it was because she hadn’t had sex with a guy in a long time—unless she counted that hot and steamy shower scene in her upcoming movie, which she didn’t. Whatever it was, she’d never been so consumed by a mere kiss before. She swore the heat of his touch would burn right through her, that his kiss would make her explode.  She slid her hands up his chest to grip his shoulders, partly to keep from collapsing, and partly because she needed to feel those hard muscles she knew were under there.
As Chloe gave her a synopsis of the scripts she mentioned, Raine went into the master bathroom to fill the Jacuzzi. If she’d really spent the weekend at the spa instead of a cabin in the middle of nowhere, she wouldn’t need a soak in the hot tub to ease the tension tightening her shoulders. But if she’d spent the weekend at a spa instead of a cabin in the middle of nowhere, she wouldn’t have met Logan and had the most amazing sex of her life.

Her eyes suddenly filled with tears at the memory. She quickly wiped them away. What the heck was going on with her? She’d known Logan for two whole days, during most of which he’d been a jerk. How could she possibly be missing him?

Because when he wasn’t being a jerk, he was the kind of guy she could see herself falling for.

She shook her head. What was she saying, that she and Logan should date? That was insane. What they’d shared up in those mountains wasn’t real. A relationship like theirs couldn’t survive outside that cabin. She and Logan were from two completely different worlds—ones that would never cross paths again.

Even if they did, it wouldn’t matter because she was getting married in two weeks.
Logan ran his hands back up her long legs to the curve of her hips. It wasn’t fair that he should be so overdressed when she wasn’t wearing anything but a barely-there pair of panties. She reached for the buttons of his shirt, but he caught her wrists and fixed her with a stern look.

“Uh-uh. I’m in charge here.”

She lifted her chin. “You can still be in charge if you’re naked.”

“Later,” he told her.

Raine gave him a pout, but didn’t protest when he urged her back on the bed. While she liked where this was heading, she hadn’t forgotten about the spanking he’d promised her. Had he?

She opened her mouth to ask when he dropped to his knees in front of her. Maybe that spanking could wait.

She held her breath as she waited for him to slide off her panties, but instead, he bent to kiss her through the thin material. She caught her lower lip between her teeth, stifling a moan. He was determined to drive her crazy, wasn’t he?

And drive her crazy, he did. Raine hadn’t even realized it was possible for a guy to lick her through her panties, but Logan had a very talented tongue. He glided along her satin-covered folds so many times she lost count—not that she was counting. Then, he found her clit and made little circles through the material. She clutched the blanket in her fists, sure she was going to scream in frustration if he didn’t take off her panties and bury his face in her pussy.

When he lifted his head, she thought that’s exactly what he was going to do. But he only eyed her hotly.

“I think it’s time for that spanking, don’t you?”
Raine might not have modeled for an artist before, but as he sketched her in various poses over the next few hours, she was pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to be an arousing experience. She couldn’t help herself. Not only was Logan sitting there naked with a hard-on the whole time, but he was eyeing her like he could just eat her up. Another minute and she was going to slide her hand between her legs and touch herself.

“Done,” Logan finally announced. “For now.”

She hopped up and ran over to him. “Let me see."

He pulled her down onto his lap and gave her a soul-searing kiss that had her forgetting all about the drawings. Until he pulled away and showed them to her. Raine’s eyes went wide.

“Logan, these are gorgeous.”

“You’re the one who’s gorgeous. I just drew what I saw.”

She blushed. No camera had ever captured her like this. It was like seeing herself through his eyes. And for the first time in a long time, she liked what she saw. She didn’t look like a movie star. She looked like a woman who was truly happy, not an actress being paid to seem that way.

Tears welled in her eyes before she could stop them. She looked away before Logan could see, but he cupped her cheek and lifted her chin.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

She gave him a tremulous smile. “Nothing. It’s just that these are so beautiful.”

He gently wiped a tear away with his thumb. “Well, I wouldn’t have drawn them if I knew it was going to make you cry.”

Raine shook her head. “They didn’t. I love them. I love…”


The word stuck in her throat, refusing to come out. How could she be in love with Logan when she couldn’t stand the sight of him a week ago? Was it possible to fall in love that fast? Were the things she was feeling even love at all or just the side-effect of really incredible sex? Or a really screwed up life in general?

Logan regarded her expectantly, as if he was waiting for her to say something. She tried to think of some other way to finish the sentence she’d started, but everything she came up with sounded trite. Or just plain ridiculous. So, she did the only other thing she could do—she kissed him.

Raine closed her eyes and snuggled up against Logan, trying to imprint the moment—make that the entire weekend—into her memory. “I wish I didn’t have to go.

Logan’s arm tightened around her. “Then stay."

She sighed. “I have to finish shooting those scenes."

He tilted her face up with gentle fingers. “Then come back when you’re done.”

“I can’t. At least not right away. Maybe after the wedding."

God, just saying the word made her feel ill.

He pushed her hair back from her face. “Who’s getting married?”

“I am.”

Logan stared at her so for long Raine thought maybe she only thought she’d said it out loud.

“Wait a minute.” He laughed. Like the way someone laughs when they don’t think something’s funny. “I must be confused. I thought you just said you were getting married.”

Oh, God. He didn’t know. She thought everyone knew. But how could he know? He didn’t watch a lot of television. Which meant he probably didn’t read a lot of entertainment news on the internet.

“I did,” she said softly.
Tears started in her eyes. If she told him she loved him, would it make a difference? Something told her it wouldn’t. Logan didn’t live in her make-believe world where people got married because it was a good career move. He lived in a world where people got married for love. She desperately wished she could live there, too.

A lone tear trickled down her cheek and Logan lifted his hand to gently wipe it away. “The ferry leaves soon. If you miss it, you’ll be late getting back to Vancouver. Come on. I’ll walk you out.”

Raine sniffed. She didn’t want to go, not until she’d changed his mind. Or at least got his promise that he’d think about it. But he was right. She had to be in Vancouver that afternoon. Wiping her nose with the back of her hand, she picked up her purse. She would have grabbed her weekender bag, too, but he picked it up before she could.

When they got to her car, she turned back to him. “I wish things could be different."

He gave her a small smile. “I do, too.”

They stood for a moment gazing at each other before Logan bent his head to kiss her. Raine clung to him, her kiss trying to tell him everything she hadn’t been able to say with words.

Logan pulled away first, his dark eyes sad. “Goodbye, Raine."

Raine couldn’t make herself say the same. Because saying the word out loud would make their parting too final. Stifling a sob, she got in her car and drove away.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Release! THE REAL THING!

I have a new release out with Blushing Books! It's called THE REAL THING, and it's about a movie star who's fallen off the A-list and will do anything to get back on it, including marrying a man she doesn't love. But all that changes when she meets a ruggedly handsome artist who not only warms her bottom when she needs it, but also makes her realize that some things are more important than fame.

Happy Reading!

Actress Raine Montgomery will do anything to get back on the A-list, including marrying a man she doesn’t love. As the wedding gets closer—and the reality of her decision hits her—she wants nothing more than to escape her crazy life, so she heads to a spa in the mountains of northern California. But thanks to a snowstorm, she ends up stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Artist Logan McBride comes to her rescue. He might be sinfully handsome, but he’s also rude, arrogant and annoying as hell. Unfortunately, his cabin is the only shelter in the storm, so Raine has no choice but to go with him.

The cabin turns out to be just as rough around the edges as its owner, something Raine takes great pleasure in pointing out to Logan on several occasions. Tired of her endless complaining, Logan puts her over his knee and spanks her.

Raine can’t get back to Hollywood fast enough. In LA, however, she’s shocked to discover she can’t get the handsome, domineering artist or the spankings he gave her out of her head. Now, with the wedding only weeks away, how can Raine go through with her farce of a marriage when it’s obvious she has feelings for the man who so expertly reddened her bottom at his mountain cabin?


Getting snowed in with Logan had given her a bye, a time-out from her life there. When the snow stopped, she was going to have to go home and marry Cameron, like it or not.

The reminder put her in a pissy mood for the rest of the day, so it was probably a good thing Logan spent most of it in his studio or she probably would have gone off on him if he looked at her wrong.

If he noticed how quiet she was during dinner he didn’t comment on it. When he gave her a curious look as they were cleaning up afterward, she thought for sure he was going to ask what was up, but he only stared out the window above the sink as he washed and she dried.

“It stopped snowing,” he said.

Raine looked out the window. In the early evening dimness, the final flakes of snow fluttered down. Her hands suddenly shook, a ridiculous sense of panic taking hold of her. With the blizzard over, there was nothing to keep her here.

She finished drying the plate and put it back in the cabinet with the others. “Good. I can finally get my car out of that stupid ditch. I’ll go change.”

His brows drew together. “You want to go now?”

Five minutes ago, she’d dreaded the idea of leaving, so why was she in such a hurry to go? Because the longer she stayed, the harder it was going to be to go back to her life. And as much as she hated the direction it was headed at the moment, she did have to go back. Her poor assistant Chloe was probably completely freaked out because she hadn’t checked in.

“Yeah.” She folded the dish towel and placed it on the counter. “I mean, there’s no real reason to wait until morning when I can leave now.”

“There isn’t? How about waiting for them to plow the roads?”

“You have four-wheel drive.”

“But you don’t.”

He had a point. Dammit.

She sighed. “Okay. I still need to go into town, though. And not that pitiful place we drove though the other night—the other one.”

He frowned again. “What for?”

“I have to call my assistant and let her know where I am.”

He dried his hands on the towel she’d just folded. “You’ve already waited two days to call her. One more day won’t hurt.”

Probably not, but it was the longest she’d gone without talking to the other woman. And if there was one person in Hollywood she could talk to, it was Chloe. She wasn’t just her assistant, she was her best friend. And talking to her was what she should have done instead of running off to the spa. If she had, she wouldn’t be stranded in this cabin where she had way too much time to think about how much more simple life would be if she could stay here forever.

“I have to call her tonight.”

She walked over to where her bag sat on the floor beside the couch and rummaged through it for her jeans. Then she remembered they were still hanging up in the bathroom. She hoped they were dry.

“Forget it,” he said from behind her. “I’m not talking you anywhere tonight.”

She didn’t know why his answer bothered her, but it did. She whirled around to glare at him. “Why do you always have to be so damn difficult?”

“Me?” He folded his arms across his chest. “I’m not the one demanding we go out there in two feet of freaking snow and risk our lives just so I can talk to my assistant.”

Raine knew from the way the muscle in his jaw worked that she was on the verge of royally pissing him off. Considering that had gotten her spanked the other night, she probably should have let the issue drop—especially since he was right. It was insane to go out before the roads were plowed. But she couldn’t back down. So, she mimicked his pose and glowered back at him.

“I may be the actress, but you’re the one being dramatic. If you won’t drive me, I’ll borrow your truck and go myself.”

“The hell you will. I’ve seen the way you drive.”

She lifted her chin. “That was the car’s fault, not mine.”

He shook his head. “I thought you learned something from that spanking I gave you the other night, but I guess not.”

“I learned that you’re a Neanderthal who likes to put a woman over your knee whenever she does something you don’t like.”

“Not all women. Just the ones who act like spoiled brats.”

“I am not a spoiled brat!”

His brow rose. “So, you’re saying you weren’t about to throw yourself on the floor and start kicking and screaming? Could have fooled me.”

She almost stamped her foot, but caught herself just in time when she realized what a field day he’d have with that. She settled on a growl of frustration instead. “Just go into your studio and paint something, dammit.”

“I’ll do that. Right after I spank you.”

Raine backpedaled, almost tripping over her weekender bag. “You are not spanking me again.”

Logan advanced on her, sidestepping the bag without even looking down. “Oh yes, I am.”

She backed up some more, but he grabbed her arm before she could take more than two steps. She dug in her heels, but her bare feet hand couldn’t get enough of a grip.

“Let me go, you Cro-Magnon!”

He spun around so abruptly she had to take a step back. “I thought you said I was a Neanderthal.”

“Same thing,” she ground out.

“Not really.” Did he just smirk? “Cro-Magnons are much more advanced.”

She clenched her teeth. “Then that’s definitely not you.”

This time he most certainly smirked. She probably would have slapped it off his face if he hadn’t sat down on the couch and yanked her tumbling over his knee.

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This book was originally published in 2005 under the title The Cabin, but has been significantly revised.