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Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Mini-Excerpts from my Hot, New Paranormal Erotic Romance Animal Instinct!


Why did married people seem to have an uncontrollable urge to play matchmaker with every single guy they knew? Cell phone to his ear, Luke McCall leaned back in his chair and propped the heel of his well-worn Timberland boot up on the edge of his desk as he considered that. He supposed his brother, Hunter, and new sister-inlaw, Eliza, were just trying to be helpful. More likely, though, it was just another case of Hunter thinking that he knew exactly what Luke needed. Hunter had only been born about two minutes before Luke, but that didn’t stop him from playing the older brother card whenever he thought he should. Like now.


Heidi Gibson couldn’t help but smile as she slowed her car to a stop and patiently waited for the trio of Dall sheep to cross Seward Highway. They paused in the middle of the road to regard her with a bored expression for a moment before finally going on their way. Finding wildlife on a major highway back home in Denver wasn’t a common occurrence, so Heidi had been disconcerted to see moose, bears, and sheep frequently sharing the roads with cars here in Alaska. But after being in Anchorage for the past two months, she was used to seeing them.


Heidi was still trying to decide if she should run or not when she suddenly heard a deep growl right behind her. Startled, she whirled around. Her eyes went wide. Standing in the middle of the trail was the biggest black wolf she’d ever seen. The thing was freaking huge. And it was eyeing her like she was its next meal!


The werewolf regarded him in confusion for a moment, but then recognition shone in his light hazel eyes and he returned the growl with one of his own. The beast had picked up his scent. The were’s gaze dropped to the knife, and Luke tightened his grip on the handle. In human form, Luke couldn’t match the were in quickness, but he was still stronger than an ordinary man. And the long, hunting knife that Luke held could do some serious damage to the were. But even with Luke’s strength and the knife, the werewolf still had the edge. The only question was, did the were know that? Luke would just have to bluff and find out.


She stood there watching him as he reached into his back pocket for his wallet, wondering why she didn’t just get in her car and leave. He took a business card from his wallet and held it out to her.

“Take it,” he said.

She did, but only because she thought he might get upset, or even worse, follow her to the hospital if she didn’t.

“You’ve been bitten by a werewolf,” he continued, “which means you’re going to become one, too, and when your body starts changing, you’re going to need my help.”

Does he even know how crazy he sounds? Probably not, or he wouldn’t be saying such bizarre things. “I have to go,” she said, turning back to her car.

He caught her arm, his expression earnest. “There’s a full moon in a few days,” he told her. “You’ll need to call me before that.”

Right. Like she was ever going to call him.


As she was walking back to the parking lot a little while later, the smell of food wafted over from the diner across the street and Heidi’s stomach growled. God, she could really go for a burger. Despite the fact that she had a freezer full of Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine entrees in her apartment that she needed to eat before she left, she found herself darting across the street to the diner instead. She really needed a burger all of a sudden.


How was it possible for her to see a small rabbit in the darkened woods from where she was standing? She gazed up at the three-quarter moon that had come free from the cloud cover. She wanted to think it was giving off enough light to allow her to see so well, but she knew that wasn’t it. Her brow furrowed as she suddenly remembered what the gorgeous whacko who had come to her rescue had said. According to him, she would turn into a werewolf when the moon was full. She wrapped her arms around herself and let out a shiver. She had never heard anything so ridiculous in her life. There were no such things as werewolves and she sure as hell wasn’t turning into one!


Spotting him, Heidi tucked her hair behind her ear and slowly made her way over to his table. With all the people in Starbucks it had been difficult for him to pick out her scent when she’d been over by the door, but as she got closer, he could smell the light perfume she was wearing. Though the fragrance was sexy to be sure, it was nothing compared to the pheromones she was putting off. As a werewolf, scent was one of the first things he tended to notice about the opposite sex, and hers was completely intoxicating. Not to mention arousing as hell. It was unlike anything he’d ever smelled before. It must be all the changes she was going through.

He felt his jeans tighten in the crotch area and hoped that his hard-on wasn’t too visible as he stood up to greet her.


Heidi stared at Luke McCall in amazement. The only thing he’d left out had been the erotic dreams she had been having about him. Thank God, he didn’t know about those. She could barely keep herself from blushing as it was. If he had mentioned them, she would have literally slid under the table with embarrassment.Now that her mind had brought up the subject, though, it was hard not to think about all the sexy things they had done in her fantasies. She tried to push the thoughts away, but it was almost impossible with him sitting there looking hotter in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt than any man had a right to. Or smelling so damn yummy. His masculine scent had been driving her wild since she’d sat down.


"How do you know so much about werewolves, anyway? What do you do, study them or something?”

Luke’s mouth quirked. “Not exactly,” he said. “I suppose I probably should have mentioned this earlier. Heidi, I’m a werewolf.”

Her eyes went wide. “You’re what?!”

She hadn’t realized she had practically shouted the words until several people turned to look at them, but she ignored the curious looks they sent her way. The hunky guy in front of her really thought he was a werewolf? Sheesh, he needed a shrink as much as she did. They could probably get a group discount.


“You know,” she said as she took a sip. “This whole werewolf thing is still really hard to buy into.”

He twisted the cap off his beer bottle and tossed it into the trash. “What if I offered you proof?”

She looked at him curiously. “What kind of proof?”

“I suppose the best way to prove to you that I’m a werewolf is to turn into one.”

She blinked in surprise. “Right here? Right now?”

His broad shoulders lifted in a shrug. “It’s the only way to get you to believe me.”

Heidi chewed on her lower lip, but said nothing.

Luke set his beer down on the granite countertop and walked into the living room. “Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” she asked, following him.

He turned to look at her. “Into the bedroom to change into a wolf.”

He said the words so matter-of-factly, like it was as normal as going into the bedroom to change into another shirt or something.

Her brow furrowed. “Why can’t you do it out here?”

“Well, for one thing, the transformation can be a little disconcerting to watch if you’re not used to seeing it. And for another, I have to take my clothes off.”

She hadn’t been expecting that. “You have to be naked?”

He lifted a brow. “You ever see a wolf in jeans and a T-shirt?”


As she stood there looking up at him, Heidi found her gaze drawn to his lips. God, he has a beautiful mouth. It was wide and sensuous, and she wondered what it would feel like on hers. Suddenly, Luke stepped closer, and Heidi had the craziest notion that he was going to kiss her. Breathless at the idea, she parted her lips in anticipation, but then realizing what she was doing, she cleared her throat and took a step back. What was she doing? They had only just met, after all, and if he were going to help her, it would probably be better if they didn’t confuse the issue by throwing sex into the mix. Because if they kissed, they were definitely going to end up in bed.

When he only leaned forward and opened her car door, however, she felt like an idiot. Thank God, she hadn’t closed her eyes and pursed her lips. That would have been beyond embarrassing.


“I think you’re melting.”

“W-what?” she stammered in confusion, her voice a little breathless.

“Your ice cream,” he said. “It’s running off your spoon and down your hand.”

She looked down, surprised to see ice cream running down her hand and dripping onto the counter. Quickly putting the spoon back in the bowl, she set it down on the counter and turned to the sink. Before she could wash the ice cream off, though, Luke took her hand and pulled her close.

“I’ll get that,” he said, his voice husky. “No need for it to go to waste.”

She wondered what he meant by that, but before she could ask, he bent his head and began to slowly kiss his way along the inside of her wrist. When he reached the ice cream, he lightly ran his tongue over the sensitive skin, licking it up as he went. Between her legs, her pussy quivered as she watched his tongue move. Oh God. If she had been hot before, now she was on fire. She’d never had a guy do anything so damn sexy before.

“There,” he said, lifting his head to give her a sexy smile. “All clean.”

Heidi gazed up at him, her pulse beating wildly. “I think you missed a spot,” she said softly.

He lifted a brow. “Really? Where?”

“Right here,” she said, going up on tiptoe to kiss him.

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New Review for Protective Custody!

Yay! ParaNormal Romance Reviews calls Protective Custody a "wonderful story!"

"PROTECTIVE CUSTODY was an excellent story! Ms. Tyler does a fantastic job creating her characters and weaving a setting that pulls the reader into the story. The emotions between Paisley and Gray are intense, and very well written. The secondary characters add depth to the story, and the villain was a big surprise. All in all, this was another great story from a wonderful author." - Beth Foster

Read the complete review here!


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Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Reasons to Buy My Hot New Paranormal Erotic Romance Animal Instinct!

1. It has a super sexy cover!
2. It has a hunky Alaskan werewolf you'll fall in love with!
3. It has a strong, independent heroine you'll identify with!
4. It has adventure!
5. It has romance!
6. It has smoldering hot sex!
7. It has engaging, interesting secondary characters!
8. It's the sequel to my 2009 EPPIE Finalist Animal Attraction
9. Romance Junkies gives it 5 Blue Ribbons and calls it incredible!
10. The Romance Studio calls it a searingly hot paranormal romance!
11. It'll make you want to visit Alaska!
12. It'll make you want to take up painting after reading what the hero and heroine do with some watercolor paint.
13. Did I mention it has a gorgeous cover?!

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ParaNormal Romance Reviews Calls VAMPIRE 101 Smoldering Hot!

I'm so excited! ParaNormal Romance Reviews calls my sexy new paranormal erotic romance Vampire 101 smoldering hot! Check it out!

"VAMPIRE 101 was great! I love Ms. Tyler's work as a rule, but this one was especially good. Her stories keep getting better and better! The emotions between Kaige and Savanna were intense, and through her writing she allows the reader to feel every nuance. The love scenes between them are just smoldering hot, so hot that they almost produce a blush! Her setting helped add to the realism of the story, and her secondary characters added incredible depth. The vampire society she describes is fascinating, and very believable. This was another excellent story by a fantastic writer!" - Beth Foster


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Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things I Did at The Lori Foster Get Together!

1. My hubby and I had dinner with Moni Draper, my editor from Liquid Silver Books!

2. We helped stuff goodie bags!

3. Had the creamiest cheesecake!

4. And the yummiest chocolate cake, too!

5. I met Erin McCarthy, one of my favorite authors, and had her sign some books!

6. I met some new readers!

7. Took some pictures!

8. Sold some books!

9. Signed some books!

10. Gave out some autographs!

11. Met some of my fellow LSB authors!

12. Met fellow Diva Natasha Moore!

13. Oh yeah, and Julian Fantechi, too! He's even hotter in person!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Every Girl Wants a Guy Who's an Animal in Bed!

I'm so excited! Animal Instinct, the sequel to my bestselling 2009 EPPIE Finalist paranormal erotic romance Animal Attraction, is now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!

When I wrote the first book in the series, Animal Attraction, it was originally going to be a stand-alone book. As I was writing, I slipped a little background material in there about Hunter, the hero in Animal Attraction, having a twin brother. I didn't think that much about it at the time, but when my editor read it, she said, "Hey, it would be cool to do a story about the hero's twin brother!"

That got me thinking, which can be a little dangerous, I know. LOL! But after Animal Attraction came out, I heard from my readers and they were all saying the same thing - we want a book about Hunter's twin brother, Luke!

I was like, "I can totally do that!" LOL!

Since the sequel is also part of the Men of Alaska Series, it's still based in Alaska, of course. But it's set in Anchorage instead of Fairbanks this time. I wanted Animal Instinct to be different than the first book in the series, though. So this time. instead of focusing on the heroine falling for a guy she doesn't know is a werewolf, I wanted to concentrate on what it would be like for a person, in this case the heroine in the story, to be bitten by a werewolf, then follow her through the process of turning into one for the first time.

While hiking in the forest, Heidi is attacked and bitten by a wolf. She's rescued by Luke, who calmly tells her that she's been bitten by a werewolf and will turn into one during the next full moon. She thinks he's crazy, of course, and can't get away from him fast enough. But then strange things start to happen to her, things she can't explain or understand. As a writer it was fun to get into Heidi's head and imagine what she was thinking when all these strange things started happening to her. Ultimately,Heidi has no choice but to turn to Luke for answers - and that is where the story really starts to heat up!

One thing that hasn't changed from the first book is the smokin' hot romance between the hero and heroine! Even though Heidi tries not to allow herself to fall for Luke, especially since she's only going to be up in Anchorage for the summer, she can't help but be drawn to his hotness!

Of course, no story would be complete without a little danger. You didn't think the werewolf who bit Heidi would just go away quietly, did you? It wouldn't be a Paige Tyler romance without a healthy dose of action and adventure along with all that hot sex!

So, I hope you love reading the story - I know I loved writing it.

And BTW, while I was writing Animal Instinct, two more story lines for the series just popped into my head! So, stay tuned because more hot, Alaskan hunks are coming your way!

Every Girl Wants a Guy Who's an Animal in Bed!

Artist Heidi Gibson is spending the summer up in Anchorage doing some painting when she gets attacked by a crazed wolf. She is rescued by golden-eyed wildlife biologist Luke McCall, who calmly informs she has been bitten by a werewolf and will turn into one during the next full moon. Thinking he’s obviously out of his mind, she can’t get away from him fast enough.

When strange things start happening to her, however, she begins to think the ruggedly handsome biologist could be right. Not knowing what else to do, she goes to Luke and is stunned to discover that he knows so much about werewolves because he’s one himself.

As Luke teaches her what she needs to know about being a werewolf, Heidi finds herself falling hard for the Alaskan hunk. But while they’re intent on each other, the werewolf that attacked her comes back into the picture, and he’s not exactly happy that another of his kind is trying to take the woman he believes is his rightful mate. Can Luke and Heidi's attraction overpower the jealousy of the rogue werewolf?


Despite the pain that was throbbing through her entire leg, she knew how lucky she was. If the man carrying her hadn’t gotten there when he did…She tightened her arms around his neck and pressed her face into his chest, forcing herself not to think about it. The T-shirt he wore was soft beneath her cheek, and she closed her eyes as she breathed in his masculine scent. He had gotten there in time, and that was all that mattered.

When she opened her eyes again, she was shocked to see that they were already in the parking area. Oh God, had she passed out? It seemed like only a few minutes since she’d gotten attacked and it should have taken at least an hour to get back to the car. He had been moving a lot faster than she ever could have on the trails, but it was still hard to believe that they were there already. Okay, so she must have passed out. That was no surprise, though, not with the pain she was in. But then her brow furrowed as she abruptly realized that her leg was no longer throbbing nearly as badly. In fact, it barely hurt at all. That was a bad sign, wasn’t it? Maybe she was going into shock. Or worse, bleeding to death.

Panicking at that thought, Heidi lifted her head from the man’s chest to tell him that he’d better hurry and get her to a hospital when he surprised her by setting her down on her feet. She stood leaning against him, thinking that he had set her down so he could open the door to whatever it was he drove and get her inside. When he merely stood there gently holding onto her upper arms, she looked up at him in confusion. Maybe he had parked at the Eagle River entrance to the trail and didn’t have his car there.

“M-my car is over that way,” she said gesturing with her head. “We can take mine to the hospital if yours isn’t parked here.”

But the man made no move to pick her up in his arms again, or even ask for her keys. “I know you’re going to think I’m crazy when I tell you this, especially after what just happened, but you’re not going to need to go to the hospital.”

His voice was deep and velvety, and at any other time, she would have thought it sounded sexy as hell, but right then all Heidi could do was stare up at him in amazement. “What are you talking about?” she demanded. “Of course, I have to go to the hospital. I’m bleeding to death!”

“Actually,” he said. “You’re not.”

Her brow furrowed. What kind of idiot was he? “Yes, I am!” she snapped. “Look at my leg.”

As she spoke, she took away the shirt he had given her so that he could see for himself, but when she looked down at her leg, all she could do was stare. He was right. She wasn’t bleeding anymore. She gently rubbed the shirt over the bite marks, bracing herself for pain that never came. As she wiped the blood away, she gasped. Where the skin had been ragged and raw from the wolf’s bite just minutes earlier, it was now jagged, pink scar tissue that looked days old.

She lifted her head to find her rescuer regarding her with the most unusual gold eyes. How had she not noticed the color before? Because she’d been too busy thinking about other things, like bleeding to death. She shook her head. “I…I don’t understand. I’m confused. I must be in shock,” she said. “I was just bitten by a wolf. How can I already have a scar?”

“Because you weren’t bitten by an ordinary wolf.”

She frowned at him. “What the heck does that mean?”

He was silent for a moment, as if he were trying to think of what he wanted to say. Finally, he ran his hand through his dark hair and let out a sigh. “Look, I know this is going to sound bizarre,” he said. “But you were bitten by a werewolf.”

Heidi stared at him incredulously. A werewolf? She must be hallucinating or something from all the blood she’d lost because there was no way she could have heard him right. “A what?”

“A werewolf,” he said again.

Heidi blinked. Okay, so she wasn’t hallucinating. He was just a raving lunatic. Which was really hard to believe, considering he looked so normal. Not to mention disappointing, since he was so dang gorgeous. She took a step back, then another, her hands out in front of her. “Listen, I don’t know what you’re on, but –”

He scowled. “I’m not on anything,” he said, taking a step toward her. “If you’d just give me a chance to explain –”

“I think you’ve explained yourself quite enough,” Heidi told him. She quickly glanced over her shoulder, then at him before she began backing toward her car. “Look, I’m really grateful for what you did back there, but I need to get to the hospital.”

Her rescuer followed. “Okay, if you insist on going to the hospital, I’ll take you,” he said. “But at least listen to what I have to say first.”

Right. Like she was going to go anywhere with him. She dug into the pocket of her khaki shorts for her car keys and pressed the unlock button on the keyless entry, wondering if she should hit the panic button, too. But who would hear it all the way out there?

“That’s okay,” she said as she opened the door. “I can drive myself.”

Heidi was half afraid that he would insist, and she was relieved when he nodded. “Okay,” he said. “But take my card.”

She stood there watching him as he reached into his back pocket for his wallet, wondering why she didn’t just get in her car and leave. He took a business card from his wallet and held it out to her.

“Take it,” he said.

She did, but only because she thought he might get upset, or even worse, follow her to the hospital if she didn’t.

“You’ve been bitten by a werewolf,” he continued, “Which means you’re going to become one, too, and when your body starts changing, you’re going to need my help.”

Did he even know how crazy he sounded? Probably not, or he wouldn’t be saying such bizarre things. “I have to go,” she said, turning back to her car.

He caught her arm, his expression earnest. “There’s a full moon in a few days,” he told her. “You’ll need to call me before that.”

Right. Like she was ever going to call him.


Romance Junkies Gives Animal Instinct 5 Blue Ribbons!
"ANIMAL INSTINCT was incredible! I loved the setting; Ms. Tyler did a fantastic job describing it, she really makes the reader feel as if they are in the story. The attraction between Heidi and Luke was great, and the way they came together was just fantastic. The romantic scenes were all very well written, and the chemistry between the two of them was phenomenal. The villain of the story was a real twist, you never would guess that he was the bad guy! All in all, ANIMAL INSTINCT was an excellent story. Ms. Tyler just keeps getting better and better!"

ParaNormal Romance Calls Animal Instinct an Excellent Read!
"This story was excellent! I loved the setting, it totally made me want to go visit Alaska, just to see it for myself, and maybe pick up a sexy Alaskan werewolf like Luke. Heidi's character was also very well developed, and I loved that she was not some wilting flower, she was capable of solving her own problems, but she was also woman enough to realize when she was over her head, and needed help. Luke's character was perfect-strong, able to take care of his woman, but not overbearing about it. He was alpha, but not to any extreme. He was able to control himself to let her go, and hope that she would come back to him. All in all, this was an amazing story, with some very hot scenes between Luke and Heidi. Excellent job!"

The Romance Studio Calls Animal Instinct Searingly Hot!
"This is a searingly hot, yet sweet paranormal romance that I just loved. I had been anxiously awaiting this book and was not disappointed. How could I be when it had my two favorite elements: mystery and lycanthropy? I read straight through, I just couldn't put it down. Overall the book was properly thought out and the story flows well. As in the first book of the series, the hero and heroine are wonderfully developed. I enjoyed the love scenes when, even at the most erotic, they remained romantic. The secondary characters are well written, Sukie is adorable. I can't wait to read more from this author. I'm really looking forward to more Men of Alaska."

To read an excerpt from the first book in the series, Animal Attraction, visit my website at And for a sneak peek at my upcoming release Valuable Cargo, click on "Coming Soon!"