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New Ellora's Cave Cover - GOOD COP, BAD GIRL!

Got my cover for GOOD COP, BAD GIRL, my hot new erotic romance coming Apr 6th from Ellora's Cave, and it's super sexy! The artist is Syneca and I think she captured the naughtiness of the story perfectly!

Here's a sneak peek!

When a hunky guy shows up at Julie Hanson’s apartment to tell her the police received a complaint about the noise from her birthday party, she assumes he’s a male stripper her girlfriends hired. Upon discovering the gorgeous Kirk Chandler really is a police officer, she’s completely mortified, especially since she teased him about giving her a birthday spanking.

Kirk appears at her door for a second time later that night, bearing gifts and asking if she got her birthday spanking. Julie not only gets her bottom nicely warmed, but is treated to a night of pleasure that qualifies as the best birthday present any girl could ask for.

Look for it Apr 6th from Ellora's Cave!


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Monday, March 29, 2010

And the Winner of JUST RIGHT is...


Congratulations! Hope you enjoy reading it!

Thanks so much to everyone for commenting and entering the contest!

If anyone decides to pick up JUST RIGHT, I'd love for you to email and let me know how you like it!


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Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Super Cute Vermont Teddy Bears!

1. Cheerleader Bear

2. Football Bear

3. Handy Bear

4. Huggable Hunk Bear

5. Love Bandit Bear

6. Loverboy Bear

7. Lumberjack Bear

8. Santa Claus Bear

9. Star Trek Captain Kirk Bear

10. Star Trek Spock Bear

11. Superhero Bear

12. Surf's Up Bear

13. Wizard Bear


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JUST RIGHT - Times Two!

When I first came up with a title for JUST RIGHT, my hot new erotic romance from Ellora's Cave, I played with the idea of calling it Goldie and the Three Werebears because that's what the story is about. As I started writing it, though, the heroine Goldie kept saying this is "just right" or that's "just right," so I decided to call the book JUST RIGHT because it seemed to fit. Little did I know that author Bronwyn Green had the same thought when she came up with her version of Goldie and the Three Bears!

You can imagine my surprise, and I have to admit, chagrin when I realized that not only had we both come up with the same idea, but that the books came out almost at the same time! Yikes! I was relieved to see that the stories were totally different, at least! LOL!

I considered emailing Bronwyn and making a joke of how we'd both come out with our versions of Goldie and Three Bears and named it the same thing, but wasn't sure if I should. Turns out, Bronwyn was thinking the same thing, only she followed through and actually emailed me!

We had a good laugh about it, then came up with the idea of running a contest to win copies both books! To enter, all you have to do is read Bronwyn's excerpt and post your answer to my question about it in the comments and include your email, then visit her blog to read my excerpt and do the same! But you must comment on both blogs to enter!

JUST RIGHT by Paige Tyler

The sexy tale of Goldie and the three werebears

When Goldie Lockwood gets lost hiking and comes upon an isolated cabin, little does she know it belongs to three hot and hunky werebear brothers. The guys aren’t thrilled to discover Goldie ate their food and slept in their beds. Not wanting to go to jail, she suggests the men punish her for her naughty misdeeds—with an arousing round of spanking.

Goldie loves getting spanked and decides that after having her bottom warmed, she needs a little sex to make the night complete. The only question is whether she’s going to sleep with one of the brothers—or all of them.

Watch the Trailer!

Buy it at Ellora's Cave!

JUST RIGHT by Bronwyn Green

A Not Quite Wicked Tale

When Department of Natural Resources officer, Gwendolyn Locke, hits a black bear on the way home from work one night, her entire view of reality changes. She discovers that shape-shifters exist, and she’s just become Goldilocks to three gorgeous, very aroused men who also happen to be werebears. Being snowbound has never been so hot.

Read the Excerpt!

Watch the Trailer!

Buy it at Resplendence Publishing!

Bronwyn's Website!

Bronwyn's Interview

1. What gave you the idea to do a retelling of Goldie and the Three Bears?

Well, I was talking to Brynn Paulin and she wanted to do a collection of erotic fairy tales called Not Quite Wicked for Resplendence Publishing. She chose her all-time favorite fairy tale, The Snow Queen and I thought that Goldilocks and the Three Bears sounded like it could be fun. Dakota Rebel and Mia Watts joined in with their takes on Little Red Riding Hood and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Then I realized the fellow RP author Tia Fanning had already done
something similar - Orianna and the Three Werebears, so I was going to ditch the Goldilocks idea and go with something else. But Tia was adamant that I write my own version, reminding me that no matter what I came up with, it would still be different from hers. So, I took the plunge and did it.

2. How did you get into writing? Did you always want to be a writer?

I've pretty much always loved writing, and I started the usual way, writing godawful, angsty poetry in middle school and high school. In college, I evolved to the short story and stayed there for quite sometime. I ran into Brynn a few years after I graduated college and really started toying with the idea of writing a novel, but then life happened and I had kids and writing became one of those things that I'd "get around to someday."

Then we had a sudden, very tragic death in our family and I realized that sometimes someday doesn't come. I knew then that if I was going to follow my dream and by extension, teach my children to follow theirs, I needed to actually do it instead of just thinking about what I'd do if I had the time. I started writing in earnest then, and I haven't stopped.

3. Can you tell us what you're currently working on?

It's a grab-bag - lol! Right now, I'm working on the third book in my Celtic Fire series for Total-e-bound, a werebear menage for Resplendence and another Handcuffs and Lace story, also for Resplendence.

4. Any other fairy tales you'd like to retell?

Oh yeah. I love fairy tales. I have a huge collection of them - they were my first love as a kid. I'd love to do The Wild Swans, Twelve Dancing Princesses and The Goose Girl...that would be a good start, anyway.

To enter to win, answer this question in the comments and remember to include your email, then visit Bronwyn's blog to read my excerpt and comment


Who interrupts Gwendolyn and Noah's kiss?

Post the answer in the comments along with your email address! We'll announce the winner on Monday!


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Thirteen of my Favorite Beauty Products!

1. Favorite Eyeshadow
Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow and Glimmers

2. Favorite Mascara
Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition

3. Favorite Lipstick
Bare Escentuals Quick Stick

4. Favorite Perfume
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

5. Favorite Men's Cologne
Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme

6. Favorite Facial Cleanser
Philosophy High Foaming Daily Cleanser

7. Favorite Lip Gloss
Philosophy Lip Shine

8. Favorite Body Wash
Philosophy Shower Gel

9. Favorite Self Tanner
St. Tropez Whipped Bronze Mousse

10. Favorite Hair Dryer
T3 Featherweight

11. Favorite Hair Straightener
T3 Hair Straightener

12. Favorite Shampoo
WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner

13. Favorite Leave-In Conditioner
WEN by Chaz Dean Styling Creme


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4.5 Hearts for EROTIC EXPOSURE from The Romance Studio!

I'm so excited! Jean at The Romance Studio gave EROTIC EXPOSURE, my hot new erotic romance from Ellora's Cave 4.5 Hearts and a great review!

"Erotic Exposure is a delicious and fast moving short story. It starts fun and flirty, but quickly moves to hot and sexy. Liz is a bit of a hesitant siren, but she quickly warms up to the game. She makes a decision about what she wants, and isn't afraid to let Kent know. I also liked that neither of them backed away, but were willing to indulge in an adventure and see where it led. The chemistry between these characters is right on. I think anyone would enjoy this quick read."


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from MR. RIGHT-NOW, My Hot New Erotic Romance from Ellora's Cave!


"For once, give yourself permission to have a no-strings-attached fling with a hot guy just for the fun of it,” Kristin said.

Beside Kate, Rachel grinned. “That’s a great idea! In fact, you can start this weekend.”

Kate looked at her in surprise. “This weekend?”

Rachel nodded. “No time like the present. And you know what they say, ‘what happens on San Juan Island, stays on San Juan Island.’”

Kate gave her a wry look. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that.”

“Well, they should. Besides, I have the perfect guy for you to have a fling with. Bob’s best man, Dawson McKenna.”


Kate shook her head. “You can’t honestly expect me to sleep with some guy I don’t even know.”

“Did I mention he’s handsome, smart, and has an absolutely gorgeous body?” her friend asked.

“You left that part out,” Kate said dryly. “But if he’s handsome, smart and has an absolutely gorgeous body, then why is he still single?”

Rachel shrugged. “I don’t know and I don’t care. Neither should you. You’re not looking to marry the guy, remember? You’re just looking to have a good time with him.”


When Rachel and the other girls were going on about how hot the best man was, they forgot to mention his voice was as sexy as the rest of him. She couldn’t remember ever feeling heat pool between her thighs at the sound of a man’s voice. Damn, with a voice as deep and velvety as his, Dawson could probably read to her from the dictionary and her pussy would be purring like she was a cat in heat.


“You were right,” she told Rachel, trying to make her voice sound as casual as possible. “He’s very nice.”

“Nice. Uh-huh. Don’t think I didn’t see where your hand was going during dessert. You are so busted, girl.” Rachel reached into her purse and dug around. A moment later, she pressed something into Kate’s hand. “Here. You might need this.”

Kate looked down to find a condom packet in her hand. Afraid Dawson might see it, she quickly closed her fingers around it. She gave her friend an incredulous look. “You carry these around in your purse?”

Rachel grinned. “I’m like the boy scouts, I’m always prepared. And now you are, too.”

Kate shook her head. “I won’t need it.”

Rachel shrugged. “Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. And trust me, I think you’re going to need it.”


“The minibar is probably pretty limited, but I’m sure we can find something,” Dawson said as he tossed his key card on the dresser. “What can I get you?”

Images of her and Dawson still running through her head, Kate turned to face him. She couldn’t believe she was actually going to go through with this. Before she could change her mind, she set her purse down on the bedside table and walked over to loop her arms around his neck. She hadn’t realized how tall he was downstairs, but now she had to tilt her head back to look up at him.

“Maybe we should forget about having a drink and test out the mattress instead,” she suggested softly. “I hear they’re very comfortable.”

Surprise flickered in his eyes for a moment, but he rested his hands lightly on her hips all the same. “Kate Gentry, are you seducing me?”

“I might be,” she admitted. “But only if it’s working.”

He chuckled. “Oh, it’s definitely working.”

She smiled up at him. “Then in that case, I’m definitely seducing you."


His hard cock pressed against her tummy, evidence of his arousal, and her pussy quivered with desire. God, this was going to be so good.

She dragged her mouth away from his to look up at him. Gaze locked with his, she put her hands on his chest and urged him back onto the bed with a firm little push. He went without protest, the corner of his mouth curving into a smile.

Without a word, Kate reached behind her and unzipped her dress. Rather than pushing it down right away, though, she slowly let it slide over her breasts, then took her time wiggling it over her hips. She’d never done anything as sexy as a striptease for a man before, but as Dawson’s hot gaze followed her every move, she decided she liked it. She felt empowered, like she had permission to do things she wouldn’t normally do. Probably because she had no expectations where Dawson was concerned. The weekend was just about having fun and some seriously hot sex with a gorgeous guy. She didn’t have to worry about whether he would respect her in the morning.


Dragging his gaze away from her perfect female form, he stuck a piece of pancake with his fork and dipped it in some syrup, then held it out to her with a grin. “Syrup always tastes better on something.”

She smiled, eyeing the fork. “It does, huh?”

He pushed the fork a little closer, trying to tempt her. “It does.”

Laughing, Kate leaned forward to close her full, pouty lips over the fork. Just as she did, syrup dripped off the pancake to land squarely on her rosy red nipple. Dawson didn’t know which image was more provocative and quickly decided it was a tossup.

“Ooops,” she said.

She gave him an embarrassed look and reached for a napkin, but he stopped her.

“I’ll get it.” He gave her a grin. “I’m the one who made the mess after all.”

Setting the half-finished plate of pancakes on the bedside table, he shifted on the bed until he was above her, then bent and slowly swirled his tongue round and round her nipple until he got every last little bit of syrup. When he was done, he drew the stiff peak into his mouth and suckled on it. Kate whimpered and buried her fingers in his hair, holding him in place as he made love to first one beautiful breast, then the other.

Giving her nipple one last flick with his tongue, Dawson lifted his head to give her a grin. “I was right. Syrup does taste much better when it’s on something.”


As he spoke, Dawson reached his arms around Kate again and guided her through the swinging motions a few more times. God, he liked the feel of her ass rubbing against his cock as she leaned over. And the way her silky hair brushed his cheek as she moved wasn’t half bad, either. Focusing on the fundamentals of croquet was going to take a lot more concentration than he’d originally thought.

“Now, for the first part,” he said, his mouth close to her ear. “The objective is simply to use your mallet to whack the pole so that the ball rolls through the first wire hoop over there.”

She half turned her head to give him a flirtatious look. “Are you sure it’s okay to go right for the pole like that? Shouldn’t I start off with the balls…I mean ball…and work my way up to the pole?”

Dawson couldn’t help but notice she was doing a whole lot of unnecessary wiggling with her ass as she spoke. Not that he or his cock minded. In fact, if she kept doing it, he wasn’t going to need a croquet mallet to play the game.


He kissed his way along the curve of her jaw and down her neck. “You’ve been driving me crazy all afternoon, you know that?”
She cooed as his mouth found the curved of her shoulder. “I have?”
He braced one arm against the wall and lifted his head to gaze down at her, his eyes smoldering with desire. “You know very well you did. Rubbing that gorgeous ass of yours against my cock. I was hard the whole time.”

She gave him a coy look. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just playing croquet.”

He chuckled, sending a sexy shiver running down her back. “Sure you were. You’re such a bad girl.”


“Uh-huh. And you know what happens to bad girls, don’t you?”

She didn’t know where this little game they were playing was going, but she liked it anyway. “What?”

He leaned in closer. “They get a spanking.”

She blinked up at him in surprise. Had she heard right? “A sp-spanking?”

He nodded. “A spanking. Right on that sexy little ass.”

Dawson didn’t wait for a reply, but instead took her hands in his and backed toward the bed. Kate’s pulse skipped a beat as she realized what he had in mind.


She arched her back, offering her breasts to him. But instead of moving his mouth lower, he lifted his head to gaze down at her. His eyes were molten gold in the firelight and she caught her breath at the heat she saw in their depths. She’d never had a man look at her with such desire before. She was so mesmerized she didn’t even realize he’d moved his hands until she felt him slide the belt of her robe from the loops.

She stared at it in confusion. “What are you doing?”

He didn’t answer, but instead put her hands together and wrapped the sash around her wrists.

Kate’s eyes went wide as realization dawned on her. “Oh,” she murmured, watching in fascination as he looped the belt around her wrists again, then expertly tied a knot. That answered the question as to whether he was a boy scout or not. Then again, maybe not. She was pretty sure they didn’t teach Bondage 101 in the boy scouts.


But while being naked and on display for Dawson was a total turn-on, Kate was impatient for him to hurry up and go down on her. She was about to tell him as much when he bent and slowly began kissing his way up her other leg. She stifled a groaned. He was determined to tease her until she went completely mad, wasn’t he? By the time he reached her inner thigh, she was sure she was going to scream in frustration if he didn’t put his mouth where she so urgently needed it.
“Stop teasing me and lick my pussy,” she demanded.

Dawson lifted his head to look at her, his eyes teasing. “You do like to be in charge, don’t you? Maybe I should remember to gag you the next time I tie you up.”

Kate flushed, torn between the way her pulse was racing at the idea of being not only bound for his pleasure but gagged as well, and the notion he was already planning on tying her up again.


Taking the towel from her, he slowly and methodically dried her off. Kate couldn’t help but notice he paid particular attention to her breasts, pussy, and ass cheeks, none of which were all that wet to begin with. Not that she was complaining, of course.

“You have the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen,” he said as he ran the towel over the curve of her bottom yet again.

She glanced over her shoulder at him. “Do you really think so?”

He tossed the towel on the floor and ran his hand over her derriere instead. “You sound surprised.”

She shrugged. “It’s just that no other guy has ever complimented my ass before.”

“Then you must have gone out with some really dense guys because your ass is perfect,” he said softly. “In fact, just looking at it makes want to do all kinds of naughty things.”

Kate’s pulse quickened as she remembered the spanking he’d given her the other night. Surely she deserved another one for making him chase her around the hotel room. “Such as?”

He put his mouth close to her ear. “Such as sliding my very hard cock right in there.”


She would have been content to stay on the dance floor for the rest of the night, or at least until they went up to Dawson’s room, but a little while later, the DJ announced it was time for the bride and groom to cut the cake. As they sat down along with everyone else, Kate eagerly reached for her water glass and took a sip.

“I’m glad we decided to hook up for the weekend,” Dawson said as he reached for his own glass and took a long swallow of water. “It was a good idea.”

Something about the offhand way he said the words made Kate’s heart suddenly squeeze in her chest. Was this his subtle way of reminding her that he was only in this for some casual sex? Had he somehow figured out she’d started having feelings for him and wanted more than a simple weekend fling? Her hand began to tremble and she quickly set the glass down on the table.

She forced herself to smile. “Yeah. Me, too.”

Kate supposed she should have said more, but right then, she couldn’t trust herself to speak. She wasn’t even sure she could breathe. Tonight was it. This thing with him was really going to end. But how could she spend the night making love to Dawson now when all she wanted to do was go up to her room and cry her eyes out? At the same time, how could she not?

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Sexy Hunk in a Sexy Commercial!

Yay! One of my favorite commercials is finally on YouTube, so I can finally share it with you! I first saw it during the Olympics and thought the guy in it was totally a hottie!

So, who wants to go skinny dipping?! LOL!

Oh and if you want to check out my other favorite commercials, visit


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Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Reasons to Buy MR. RIGHT-NOW, My Hot New Erotic Romance from Ellora's Cave!

1. It has a sinfully sexy cover!

2. It has a hot, hunky hero you'll fall in love with...again and again and again and again and again!

3. It has a modern heroine you'll seriously identify with!

4. It has smokin' hot sex and lots of it!

5. It has a sexy spanking scene!

6. It has a delicious bondage scene!

7. It has a tender and sensual anal sex scene!

8. It has a wickedly naughty outdoor sex scene!

9. It's from Ellora's Cave so you know it has to be hot!

10. It'll make you look at the game of croquet in a whole new way, that's for sure!

11. It'll stimulate the economy, not to mention a few other areas!

12. Did I mention that it's from Ellora's Cave?

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New Release - MR. RIGHT-NOW!

I'm so excited to announce I have a new erotic romance out with Ellora's Cave! It's called MR. RIGHT-NOW and it's smokin' hot!

It's kind of funny because this version of the story is nothing like the original outline I came up with. While the hero and heroine are the same, the first version was more of a traditional romance, but with almost all of the sex taking place in the beginning of the book. I was going to have Kate and Dawson fall in lust at the wedding, where they have lots of mad, passionate sex, then have them decide to start dating after the weekend fling is over so they could find out if the things they were feeling for each other were real. Of course, that isn't the normal storyline for a traditional romance, so I kept running into brick wall when I tried to make the story work. I must have tweaked the storyline a half dozen times, but I just couldn't get the darn thing to flow. I kept putting the outline further and further back in my TBW (to be written) pile until I realized that a couple years had gone by! I was starting to think the story would never make it onto the page.

I really liked Kate and Dawson, though, and thought they had great chemistry together. Plus the two of them were on my case all the time claiming I had abandoned them! I didn't want to disappoint them, so I took another look at the outline and decided to just tear the story down to it basic elements, keep the best parts of it and toss everything that didn't work. It just so happened that the best part of the story revolved around all that smokin' hot sex they had at the wedding! Any great story needs some conflict, though, so I had to come up with one for this newer version. In it, Kate tells Dawson she's only looking for a weekend fling and ends up falling for him anyway. But how does she tell him she wants more when she was the one who made up the rules? Of course, I can't tell you that or I'd be giving away the ending!

However, I will tease you with a sexy excerpt! Hope you enjoy it! And if you decide to pick up MR. RIGHT-NOW, let me know how you like it!

Kate Gentry is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. When her best friend asks her to be maid of honor, it just reminds her of how crappy her luck is when it comes to finding her own Mr. Right. Her friends point out she’s trying too hard to find Mr. Right instead of having fun with Mr. Right-Now. They convince her to put her search for the perfect man on hold and have some meaningless sex with a hot guy.

Kate takes their advice and propositions the gorgeous best man, Dawson McKenna. When he eagerly agrees, she finds herself doing things she never dreamed of doing—spanking, bondage and some amazing anal sex!

Despite knowing Dawson isn’t supposed to be Mr. Right, Kate finds herself falling for him big time anyway. But since she was the one who made the rules, how can she now tell him she wants more than just a weekend fling?


Dawson walked over to stand beside her. “Do you want to go to the bar for a drink?”

Kate hesitated. The bar was certainly much more intimate than the restaurant, so it would be the perfect place to carry on what they’d been doing underneath the table earlier. That would certainly be fun, but if she was really going to do this, why waste time in the bar?
She caught her lower lip between her teeth, then tilted her head a little to the side and gave him what she hoped was a sexy look.

“Or we could just go up to your room and raid the mini-bar instead,” she suggested softly.

Dawson’s golden eyes went molten. “Even better.”

Holy crap, she’d done it. She’d just propositioned a guy for sex. Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that blatant, but it was obvious Dawson knew exactly what she meant. She felt so proud of herself she almost did a little cheer right there.

His room was on the fourth floor just like hers, but because the elevator stopped on every floor in between to let people on and off, it seemed to take forever to get there. Now that Kate had made the decision to sleep with him, she was impatient to get his clothes off and see if he was as well built as she thought. Being in the close confines of the elevator only made her hotter for him. By the time they got to his floor, she was ready to push him up against the wall and get busy right there. She actually might have done it, too, if she wasn’t afraid they’d get arrested for public indecency. She almost laughed. Wow, she was better at being naughty than she’d thought.

His hotel room was an exact replica of hers, right down to the fireplace and hot tub. It was the king-size bed against the wall that caught and held her attention, however. As she took in the fluffy pillows and white goose down comforter, she pictured herself rolling around on it with Dawson, their naked bodies entwined as they engaged in hot, sweaty sex. Just the idea started a really nice purr between her legs.

“The mini bar is probably pretty limited, but I’m sure we can find something,” Dawson said as he tossed his key card on the dresser. “What can I get you?”

Images of her and Dawson still running through her head, Kate turned to face him. She couldn’t believe she was actually going to go through with this. Before she could change her mind, she set her purse down on the bedside table and walked over to loop her arms around his neck. She hadn’t realized how tall he was downstairs, but now she had to tilt her head back to look up at him.

“Maybe we should forget about having a drink and test out the mattress instead,” she suggested softly. “I hear they’re very comfortable.”

Surprise flickered in his eyes for a moment, but he rested his hands lightly on her hips all the same. “Kate Gentry, are you seducing me?”

“I might be,” she admitted. “But only if it’s working.”

He chuckled. “Oh, it’s definitely working.”

She smiled up at him. “Then in that case, I’m definitely seducing you. I figured since we’re both obviously attracted to each other, we should hook up for the weekend.”

She tried to make the words sound casual, but inside, her heart was pounding like crazy. She didn’t know if it was from excitement or nerves, though. Maybe it was a little of both. She’d never actually seduced a man like this. And the words, “hook up for the weekend,” had certainly never, ever come out of her mouth before.

He lifted a brow. “Hook up? As in casual sex, no strings attached?”

Clearly, he was way more familiar with this type of thing than she was. She nodded. “Exactly. Once the weekend is over, we get on the ferry and go our separate ways. No muss, no fuss.”

He pulled her closer, his mouth curving into a sexy grin. “That works for me.”

She should have tried this whole seduction thing long before this. She was better at it than she’d thought. Kate didn’t reply, but instead leaned in and kissed him.

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Tasty Tuesday!

Anyone want to join him? Showering together is a great way to conserve water, you know!