Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - Monster High!

Thirteen Dolls in My Monster High Collection!


Clawdeen Wonder Wolf
Gloom Beach Clawdeen
Gloom Beach Cleo

 Gloom Beach Draculaura
 Gloom Beach Frankie
 Gloom Beach Ghoulia
 Skull Shores Clawdeen
 Skull Shores Cleo
 Skull Shores Draculaura
 Skull Shores Frankie
 Skull Shores Ghoulia



Heather said...

Can honestly say I have never seen or heard of these, though some are kind of cool looking. My T13

Paige Tyler said...

Heather - So love Monster High Books, Dolls and Movies!


Jennifer Sapa said...

I love Monster High too. I learned about Monster High thru my nieces and now I have all of the Ghoulia dolls. I love all of the dolls but decided to limit myself to just collecting one character.

Elijana Kindel said...

Yay! I love Monster High dolls--so does my 11 year old! Love your collection! Now all you need is the school and coffee bean playset and you'll be good to go!

Over Christmas I was able to find my daughter a Jackson Jekyll doll (scored two of them for $24 each, actually--yay, me!) and I found a "how to fix the legs instructions" so I can (when I'm finally brave enough) fix the legs on her beloved Deuce Gorgon--lol, Cleo De Nile will be so happy to finally have her BF back in one piece! ;-)

For those of you who don't know it, a lot of these dolls (especially the male dolls) have become collector items that sell for sometimes shocking amounts... last time I checked that Deuce Gorgon doll was worth $240... best $19.98 I ever spent at Walmart, if you ask me. lol

Paige Tyler said...

Jennifer - I first saw all the Monster High stuff on Pinterest! I started with the books and now have the dolls and the movies! Even my Kindle cover is Monster High!

Elijana - LOL! Poor Deuce! Yes, Cleo will be very happy, I'm sure! I haven't see the guy dolls, except pics on Pinterest, but they'd be totally cool to add to my collection!


Kimberly Menozzi said...

These are new to me, for sure. Then again, I'm pretty far out of the loop for most things. LOL!

Happy TT!

Brenda Wheeler said...

These are awesome! My granddaughter would love these. I looked at some yesterday, and they've got cool outfits and other accessories for them!

Jennifer Leeland said...

Awesome collection!

Paige Tyler said...

Kimberly - LOL!

Brenda - I remember you saying she loves Monster High! Me, too!

Jennifer - Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm feeling really dumb right now. I've never heard of Monster High. I guess I've been under my rock too long. LOL. Great list, Paige.

Paige Tyler said...

Stephanie - LOL! Thanks!


Alice Audrey said...

What cute little monsters.

Paige Tyler said...

Alice Audrey - Freaky is the new fabulous!


Cornelia said...

I love the Monster High dolls. I buy them and the books for my eight year old granddaughter. When we went to Space City Con last year she dressed as Draculaura. They have the Steampunk one too - Robecca Steam. They have a Cupid one (good for romance writers and readers) also - I gave her those two along with Abbey Abdominal for Christmas.

Paige Tyler said...

Cornelia - They're all so cute! Want them, too! I bet she looked adorable as Draculaura!