Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - Favorite Workout DVDs!

Thirteen of My Favorite Workout DVDs!

Brazilian Butt Lift Bum Bum

Brazilian Butt Lie Cardio Axe

Brazilian Butt Lift Sculpt

Brazilian Butt Life High & Tight

P90X Abs/Core Plus

P90S Ab Ripper X

P90X Core Synergistics

P90X Kenpo

P90X Plyometrics
P90X Shoulders & Arms

P90X Yoga

P90X2 Ab Ripper X
P90X2 Yoga



Heather said...

The only workout DVD I own is a walking one with Leslie Sansone. Her five-mile walk is rutal! My T13

Paige Tyler said...

Heather - I've seen her on QVC! Walking is great exercise!


Alice Audrey said...

So the Brazil Butt lifts work? I could use a core workout DVD

Kimberly Menozzi said...

I'm just going to stick with my bike - indoors and out. I don't have enough room for a "workout"-workout, I keep bumping into things or stepping on the cat. LOL!

Happy TT!

Jennifer Leeland said...

These look great, Paige. I've never heard of them, but they look fun.

Paige Tyler said...

Alice Audrey - Yes! It's a really great workout!

Kimberly - We have spinning bikes and use those, too, but I'd totally fall off a real bike! LOL!

Jennifer - They're very fun!


Anonymous said...

Just looking at these makes me tired. LOL. No, I'm just kidding. Great list, Paige!

Paige Tyler said...

Stephanie - LOL! Thanks!