Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Thirteen - Urban Dictionary Edition!

Thirteen Definitions from The Urban Dictionary!

1. Prosopobibliophobia - Facebook phobia, or having an aversion to all things Facebook.

2. Nerd-do-Well - A financially successful geek.

3. Olympic Adoption - The act of changing which country you root for in the Olympics. Usually done when your home country's team is terrible.

4. Successorize - Item of clothing or apparel used to make you look or feel more successful.

5. Boner Pants - Pants that use tough fabric (jeans, khakis) and constantly look like said wearer has a boner. Jeans show this the most, especially whilst sitting.

6. Axehole - A person who uses an obscene amount of Axe body spray.

7. Slowest Common Denominator - The first person at the front of a single line of moving traffic.

8. Pintervetion - When an intervention is needed to drag your wife off pintrest.

9. Old.Edu - Something considered antiquated or eliciting nostalgia, but that in relative terms is a quite recent phenomenon; typically dating back no earlier than the year 2000. A variation on the term "old school."

10. Rock Out with My Spock Out - To openly be a fan of any of the Star Trek series and/or films. Also known as a "Trekky".

11. Liketurbate - Liking your own post or comment on Facebook.

12. Going Screensaver - When a coworker spaces out or dozes off in a meeting.

13. Smellucinate - To imagine a smell that isn't actually there, as if to hallucinate.



bloodthirstymuses said...

LOL! I love the Urban Dictionary sometimes. My favorite is the Olympic Adoption -- I've done that quite a few times this year. It also happens when your team doesn't have a representative in an event, or you're watching a round after they've been eliminated.

Also, I think it's because of where I live (near the northeastern-most NY border) but I tend to love Canadian teams almost as much as American. ;)

Paige Tyler said...

BloodThirstyMuses - LOL! I love the Urban Dictionary, too! My fave on the list in Pintervention!


Jennifer Leeland said...

BUHAHAHAW I'm totally using Axehole in a conversation.

And I accidentally likcerbated myself....or whatever. Once. Only once. I swear. LOL!

these are great Paige.

Paige Tyler said...

Jennifer - LOL! Aren't these hilarious?! Glad you like them!