Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Sexy Halloween Costumes!

I've dressed up as the Naughty Schoolgirl and the French Maid for my hubby, and this Halloween I'm dressing up as the Cat! Meow! *wink*

1. Cat

2. Bounty Hunter

3. French Maid

4. Greek Goddess

5. Gypsy

6. Harem Dancer

7. Naughty Schoolgirl

8. Pirate Wench

9. Police Officer

10. Slave Princess

11. Vampire

12. Witch


LA Day said...

Great costumes!

~Heather said...

Hmmm... those are some great ideas!! I might have to suprise my hubby with something! ;)

sjwilling said...




Adelle said...

I somehow think the costumes look much better on the models than they would on me lol Have fun being a kitty. Happy T13!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Ooooo I love the police officer!!!! Of course, it makes me think of "Super Troopers"
"Can I see your license and registration ma'am meow?"

Tempest Knight said...

Awesome costumes! Love them all! I especially like the she-cop. I get to cuff him and make him assume the position. *winks*

Kate Willoughby said...

Too bad I don't have near the body I would need to pull those off. But they are very sexy!!!

Alessia Brio said...

I wish I looking like that in ANY costume.

My T13:

Alice Audrey said...

Whoah! In a good way.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Love 2 and 12 the best. :)
(I would totally wear those)LOL!

Kelley Nyrae said...

Great costumes!!

Morgan St. John said...

I'll second that Adelle.
For myself, of course! :D

Great list.

Ava Rose Johnson said...

3 is my fave. Wish I could pull it off :(

Heather said...

What Adelle said, LOL.

Gina Ardito said...

Yep, twenty years ago, maybe. But now, oh dear, talk about a horror show! Great list.

Cassandra said...

Love these, Paige! My fav is the Pirate Wench! Awesome costume. Hoist his petard! Avast ye matey! ::giggles::

Simply love it.

Great TT.


Savannah Chase said...

those are some hot them all...

Kaige said...

Cute costumes for those that can pull 'em off. I'll probably go as frumpy housewife handing out candy at the door again this year. =)

shelley said...

Oh! I wanna be a bounty hunter. I like the police officer's cuffs but I'm not sure about all my skin showing like that ;)

Debbie Mumford said...

Nice!! Almost makes me wish I did costumes...

Harris Channing said...

Man, I want to look good in one of those!!!! I should have worn them twenty years ago!!!!!!! WAHHHH!!!!


Paige Tyler said...

LA Day - Thanks!

~Heather - Definitely!

S.J. - LOL!

Adelle - Thanks!

Jennifer Mck - That's definitely a sexy costume! Gotta love those handcuffs!

Tempest - Oh, I know! Me, too!

Kate - They so are!

Alessia - Awww.

Alice - LOL!

Jennifer Shirk - They're definitely sexy!

Kelley - Thanks!

Morgan - Thanks!

Ava Rose - The French Maid is super sexy!

Heather - LOL!

Gina - Thanks!

Cassandra - Yup, love that costume!

Savannah - Thanks!

Kaige - Thanks!

Shelley - Yeah, that Bounty Hunter is super sexy!

Debbie - Thanks!

Harris - They're definitely sexy!