Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Movies to Get You in the Mood for Halloween!

1. Cursed

2. Halloween H2O

3. Jason X

4. Jeepers Creepers

5. Jeepers Creepers 2

6. George Romero's Land of the Dead

7. Near Dark

8. Scooby Doo
9. Scream

10. Shaun of the Dead

11. The Lost Boys

12. Underworld

13. Underworld Evolution

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Moondancer said...

#11, #12, and #13 are definatly my hallows fare, though Nightbreed is a great one too.

Tempest Knight said...

I agree with Moondancer. Heh! Those last 3 movies are the best for the season. I'd have added "Van Helsing," "Interview with a Vampire," and "Sleeping Hollow" (how can I say no to Johnny Depp?). *wg*

Morgan St. John said...

Oh, too scary for me!! I'm such a baby. The closest I ever got to Jeepers Creepers was the movie about George M. Cohen. *shrug* I saw What Lies Beneath. That was way scary enough.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I've never seen ANY of them.

But to get us in the mood for Halloween, the hubby and I always watch the original Halloween.

LA Day said...

Great list, The Lost Boy is a classic. The Underworld series is cool too.

Alessia Brio said...

I soooooooo don't do the slasher creepy scary flicks. Liked The Lost Boys, though.

Heather said...

Yeah...the only one I might possibly be persuaded to watch is Scooby Doo. I sooooo do not do scary movies.

Kaige said...

I hate real horror movies. I can't stand the tension built by the creepy music. Scooby-Doo and Shaun of the Dead are more my speed. I enjoyed the Underworld movies too.

Great list for those that need their Halloween thrills tho!

Gina Ardito said...

Where are the classics that have become costumes for kids? Dracula, Frankenstein, even Batman. :-)
Great list!

~Heather said...

Love your list! Lost Boys is my all time fav - who can say no to vampires!lol!

Desirée Lee said...

To gear up for Halloween, I always watch A Nightmare Before Christmas.

I watch it again before Yuletide too. *LOL*


shelley said...

I'm such a baby. I never watch scary movies, but I love Scooby Doo :)

Tara S Nichols said...

ooooh hahhahaha Scooby Doo!!
I'm a big scardy chicken. I haven't even seen the scooby doo movie on your list.

Lara Angelina said...

We love Halloween -- but because my daughter is only 11 we have to watch which movies we get. She still loves to watch the old Universal Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy movies and they are still great after 80+ years!
Happy TT!

Debbie Mumford said...

Oh, my! I'm afraid Scooby Doo is the only one in my league *lol*

Xakara said...

I can't do slasher and zombie movies, but I'm all about the vampire movies. I have that as my TT for next week unless whim and circumstance distracts me. *grin*

Lost Boys is my favorite on the list, but I've got to give you love for Near Dark being listed. That's a vampire movie whose B-grade goodness is too often overlooked.:)

Thanks for coming by

~Xakara <------LiveJournal Link

Kate Willoughby said...

I can't watch horror movies. :( I kinda wish I could, but if I want to sleep at night, they're a no-no!

Babe King said...

Yikes! Not without someone to hold my hand.

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

i loved Shawn of the Dead and of course Lost Boys! Love me some scary movies but there seem to be so few good ones coming out any more.

Paige Tyler said...

Moondancer - Thanks! I've never seen Nightbreed. We'll have to check it out!

Tempest - Oh, yeah! Sleepy Hollow was good!

Morgan - LOL!

Jennifer Shirk- Works for me!

LA Day - Yup!

Alessia - Love Lost Boys!

Heather - Love Scooby Doo!

Kaige - Thanks! Love Sccoby Doo and Shaun of the Dead is too funny!

Gina - Thanks!

~Heather - Love Lost Boys!

Desiree - LOL!

Shelley - Love Scooby Doo!

Tara - LOL!

Lara - Thanks!

Debbie - LOL!

Xakara - Near Dark is my hubby's favorite, so I had to include it!

Kate - LOL!

Babe - I so hear ya! Me, too!

Rhian - I agree!