Friday, June 8, 2007

Hot Pics to go with Yesterday's Thursday Thirteen!

Since almost everyone who commented on yesterday's Thursday Thirteen wanted some pics to drool over, here you go, girls! Enjoy!

Viggo Mortensen

Hugh Jackman

Jensen Ackles

Jared Padalecki

James Marsters
David Boreanaz
Forbes March
Joe Flanigan

Jason Momoa

Josh Holloway

Nathan Fillion

Tom Welling

Steve Burton



Amanda Brice said...

Very, very nice!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

ROFL--well done...much better! LOLOL

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

oh. my. And Jason Momoa...oh mama.
have't seen him before but now i have to go find more loverly pics.
thanks Paige - i'm officially goo.

Michelle M Pillow said...

There you go!! ;)

Paige Tyler said...

Amanda - Thanks! Glad you liked the pics!

Rhonda - Thanks! Glad you liked the pics!

Rhian - Thanks! Glad you liked the pics! Jason Momoa plays Ronan Dex on the Sci-Fi Channel's Stargate Atlantis, and he's very yummy on it!

Michelle - Thanks! Glad you liked the pics!