Monday, May 21, 2007

Adding Hawaii to the list of place I've been spanked!

My hubby and I just got back from vacation in Hawaii, so I can now add that to the list of places I've gotten spanked!

While I got a couple of light, inconspicuous spanks up on Diamond Head, the Haleakala Crater, at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and while we were both in the shark cage off North Shore, he gave me several more playful, not-so-inconscpicuoius spanks up on Makapu'u Point, as well as in the atrium of our hotel near the banyan tree, and out on the lanai off our hotel room. Of course, I got some totally yummy spankings in the privacy of our hotel room!

Oh, and we couldn't resist taking advantage of the little-known and very private lookout in the Pu'u Ualakala'a State Park on Oahu, either! Though I have to admit I was a little surprised, and more than a little thrilled, when my hubby pulled down my shorts and bikini bottoms and spanked me right there on top of the lookout overlooking Honolulu!

Oh, btw, we took this pic of Honolulu from atop the lookout in Pu'u Ualakala'a State Park! Isn't it gorgeous?!



Dave said...

Sounds yummy indeed! Hawaii sounds like a completely fab. place to visit.

Anyway, great site and blog!


Kindest regards,
"The Cherry Red Report"

Paige Tyler said...

Dave - Thanks! And Hawaii was fabulous! I'd definitely recommend it!

Anonymous said...

A spanking in a shark cage... wow! Now that is pretty cool. Wonder if that's a first in spanko history? Might be!

We love Hawaii... but we have a lot of catching up to what you managed to do in this one trip.

Paige Tyler said...

Todd & Suzy (a.s.s.) - I hadn't thought about that! But it would be very cool if we were the first to do that in a shark cage!