Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tagged by Tempest!

I was tagged by Tempest over at Midnight Moon Cafe to list 8 random facts/habits about myself, so here goes!

8 Random Facts/Habits About Myself:
  1. When I eat an egg cooked over-easy, I always eat the white first.
  2. I played in the marching band in high school.
  3. I studied ballet and jazz dancing class for twelve years.
  4. I worked as a caricaturist before I became a full-time writer.
  5. When LOTR came out, I had this really huge crush on Viggo Mortensen (and still do!) Did I mention that we have two life-size standees of Aragorn in our home office?
  6. On that same note, I actually got to meet Viggo Mortensen when he was promoting his movie, Hidalgo! And yes, he's even hotter in person! And no, I didn't tell him about my crush or the standees!
  7. I like to collect stuffed animals.
  8. My week doesn't seem complete without at least one spanking!

Now I have to tag eight people, so I'll tag Kelley Vitollo, LindaH, Anne Rainey, Megan Rose, Stacy Dawn, Sophia Danu, M.A. Gonzales, and Tracy!



Kallisto said...

Wow, you got to meet Viggo Mortensen??? I loved him in LOTR, and enjoyed Hidalgo, although I liked him better in LOTR--the look fit him better, I thought!

Paige Tyler said...

Kallisto - I almost couldn't believe it myself! It was so much fun! And while I loved him in Hidalgo, I absolutely love him as a Aragorn in LOTR, too!