Wednesday, May 22, 2013


You can now get all the books in my bestselling THE BADGE BUNNIES SERIES all in a complete set! It's all about women who have a thing for hot and sexy cops. There are five books in the first volume of the series, including two m/f/m ménages and one f/f/m. They're still available individually in ebook, but they were so wildly popular, I decided to release them in a complete set, which is available in ebook or print!

In the first book, SEDUCING OFFICER BARLOWE, a sexy stranded motorist gets roadside assistance and a whole lot more from a very hunky cop.

The title of the second book, TWO COPS, A GIRL AND A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS, kinda says it all, but if you haven't guessed, it's a hot cop ménage with two guys who come with their own handcuffs and a girl who can't wait to get busy with them both.

The third book, A COP, HIS WIFE AND HER BEST FRIEND, is also a ménage, but I wanted to do something a little different, so I did f/f/m instead of my usual m/f/m. And I gotta say, I had fun with it! While it's still mostly about the guy and the two girls, there are a few sexy surprises. Along with handcuffs and some yummy spankings!

The fourth book RIDE-ALONG is a smokin' hot ménage with two gorgeous cops and one very sexy reporter who has a thing for men in uniform, so it's a dream come true when her newspaper sends her on a ride-along with San Francisco's finest.

The fifth book, HANDS-ON TRAINING is about a hunky Texas State Trooper who gives a very lucky woman some private lessons on how to properly use a weapon.


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