Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Reasons to Read SUBMISSION BECOMES HER, my hot new BDSM erotic romance from Ellora's Cave!

1. It's got a sexy cover.
2. It's got a hero who's all alpha all the time.
3. It's got a heroine who's not afraid to give into her submissive side.
4. It's fun.
5. It's naughty.
6. It's kinky.
7. It's got romance.
8. It's got bondage.
9. It's got spanking.
10. It's got paddles.
11. It's got straps.
12. It's got hot sex.
13. Did I mention that wickedly sexy cover?!

Read an Excerpt!

Watch the Trailer!

Buy it at Ellora's Cave!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new release, Paige! I wish you a ton of sales!

Paige Tyler said...

Stephanie - Thanks so much!


Kimberly Menozzi said...

Wow! You are a prolific writer, aren't ya? ;) Congrats on this release, and best of luck to you, too.

Happy TT!

Alice Audrey said...

Great list! Looks like another good book.

Paige Tyler said...

Kimberly - LOL! Thanks!

AliceAudrey - Thanks!


Darla M Sands said...

Wonderful! Best wishes to you.

Paige Tyler said...

Darla - Thanks so much!


chirth7 said...

Sounds wonderful Paige! I wish those were in print. I love an Alpha man with a dominant side. :)

Hugs, Christine

Paige Tyler said...

Christine - You need an eReader! LOL!