Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tasty Tuesday!

Talk about hot! Yum! And he's exactly how I picture Hunter McCall, the hunky werewolf from my hot new paranormal erotic romance Animal Attraction! I could totally see him having a wild side!

For more on Animal Attraction, click here!


Devon Gray said...

Hmmm....now here's a nice image to go along with the story. Yum!


Desirée Lee said...

Rawr!! I could overlook the getting-hairy-at-a-full-moon thing for him! *wiggles eyebrows*

He looks like he'd be nice and warm to snuggle with furry or not *LOL*

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

Kealie Shay said...

Oh, YUM!!! Wow, see, now I'll have this picture in my head while reading Animal Attraction. *sigh*

Paige Tyler said...

Devon - LOL! He's is gorgeous, isn't he?! And so perfect for a hunky werewolf!

Desiree - LOL!

Kealie - LOL! Cool!