Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your Hunky Hero for Today is...

Trent Holloway from Spicing Up Her Marriage! I think he definitely looks like he could "spice things up," don't you?!



Kelley said...

Love his eyes for some reason. They're mysterious.

Desirée Lee said...

I want to nuzzle that chest... nummy!


Tempest Knight said...

He looks good... except for the hairy chest.

Skyler Grey said...

Goodness Paige,
I think I like Desiree's answer... but I'd like to nuzzle more than his chest! LoL

Skyler Grey said...

Ha... Desiree I'd like to nuzzle more than his chest! *drool*

Great inspiration Paige!


LA Day said...


Paige Tyler said...

Kelley - Me, too! And I agree, they are!

Des - LOL!

Tempest - I admit, I'm not much for a guy with a hairy chest, either, but he's still really hot!

Skyler - LOL! Thanks!

LA Day - Thanks!