Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Thirteen - Bears!

To celebrate the release of HER WILD HERO (X-OPS 3) here are Thirteen Cuddly Bears who inspired my bear shifter hero! :)

Swimming lessons - from Mamma Bear to Baby Bear! @FuzzTherapy has great #gift selections for Mamma Bears and Baby Bears!

Oso - Parque de la naturaleza de #Cabarceno #Cantabria #Spain

#Even bears hate Mondays ..."It's a tough life" Grizzly Bear cubs are very cute and playful.� Lake Clark National Park, Alaska..     - For Hotels-Flights Bookings Globally Save Up To 80% On Travel   -

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear says hello by Alan Vernon

~~ Too cute for words ~ grizzly bear cub by Melody and Michael Watson ~~

Bear Cub Photobombs His Mother In Most Adorable Way Possible

Rrrr!...I Wonder,Is This Really Samissomar´s Page ?...This Is Better Than I´ve Expected !...

The week in wildlife – in pictures | Environment |

Brown bears hanging out in a tree.

Grizzly bear cub         #breathtaking    #inspiringcarlos      #repin

Cute little black bear in the snowy Smokies. Too cute! #wildlife

This just makes me smile

HAND 'N HAND  <Or Photoshop?>

You can check out HER WILD HERO (X-OPS 3) here!



Heather said...

Can't say I'd one to meet up with one in the wild, but oh the cuteness! Our zoo is supposed to be getting two new polar bear cubs this summer. My T13

Paige Tyler said...

Heather - How fun! :)


CountryDew said...

We have bears on our farm sometimes. I always am excited when I see them. Congratulations on your book.

You can list/link your Thursday 13 at

Paige Tyler said...

Country Dew - Thank you! They're adorable! :)