Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Thirteen - The Alpha Male!

Thirteen Traits of the Alpha Male Courtesy of the Authors of the TALL, DARK AND ALPHA Boxed Set and Our Readers Who Shared Theirs on Facebook!

Fellow author Sam Cheever put together this TT to promo our TALL, DARK AND ALPHA Boxed Set, so since the set comes out March 8th, I thought I'd use it to promote it, too!  Thanks, Sam!

1. Sam Cheever - Take charge attitude

2. Delaney Diamond - Confidence

3. Alpha Locke - Honor

4. Farrah Rochon - Swagger

5. Koko Brown-Dominant

6. Dawn Montgomery – Plays by his own rules

7. Eve Langlais – Fearless – Danger makes him bold. Adrenaline is his drug.

8. Eve Vaughn-Protective

9. Paige Tyler - Strength

10. Randi Alexander - Loves fiercely, and isn’t afraid to give his whole heart.

11.Laurie Fenton-Smith Alphas are MEN- they love hard loyalty, fierce protectors of those they love but aren't the ones to cross if you hurt someone near and dear. Alphas are masculine, manly, sexy without trying- they kind of man that enters a room and everyone stops to take notice. he is emotionally ready and willing and of course he has good bank account ( lol)

12. Jasmine Alexander I like how an alpha male owns everything around him with just a look! Yum!

13. Priscilla Zavala The Strength of Heart that hides behind the body of armor. He does whats best for the pack even if it means he is hurt.

Get your copy of the TALL, DARK AND ALPHA Boxed Set March 8th!



Heather said...

Ah, alpha males. ☺
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Alice Audrey said...

Great list.

Paige Tyler said...

Heather - I know, right?! Gotta love 'em!

Alice Audrey - Thanks!


Jennifer Leeland said...

Gotta love those Alphas!!!!! Great TT Paige.

Paige Tyler said...

Jennifer - Totally!