Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Thirteen - Authors Participating in the Lovestruck Hop!

Thirteen Authors (of the 128!) Participating in The Lovestruck Blog Hop June 15 - 22!

1. Cari Quinn
2. Wendy Zwaduk
3. Dakota Trace
4. Holly Trent
5. Jesisca Scott
6. Kharisma Rayne
7. W. Lynne Chantale
8. Me!
9. Raine Delight
10. Delaney Diamond
11. Casey Crow
12. CS Maxwell
13. Hildie McQueen



Jennifer Leeland said...

Sounds like a great line up. Cari Quinn is one of my favorites.

Alice Audrey said...

Why do I always hear about these things when it's too late for me to join?

A. Catherine Noon said...

That sounds like a great lineup! Have fun!

Paige Tyler said...

Jennifer - Thanks!

Alice Audrey - There are other hops you can sign up for on the site.

Catherine - Thanks!


Shelley Munro said...

Sounds good!

Paige Tyler said...

Shelley - Thanks!