Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

You know what they say! Save a horse, ride a cowboy!



Teresa K. said...

Love a sexy man and his horse.

A little bit of bump and grind on the back of a horse is very erotic. lol

tcwgrlup41 at yahoo.com

Jillian said...

ooh la la- I'll take that ride!

honestangel70 said...

Yup...agreed. Very yummy!! Perfect thing for this chilly but sunny day here!!

Renee Vincent said...

Now that is my kind of man!

Paige Tyler said...

Teresa - Me, too! And yes, it is! LOL!

Jillian - LOL!

HonestAngel - Glad you like him!

Renee - I thought you'd say that! LOL!


Christine H said...

OOh La La here too. He's a hunk. Love a man with his horse. Not usually a fan of blond hair, but his is perfect!!

Thanks Paige!!!

Paige Tyler said...

Christine - I prefer dark hair, too, but he's hot!