Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tasty Tuesday!

Christmas decorations never looked so good!



Renee Vincent said...

I'm sorry...the first thing I thought of after seeing this pic was the guy on the 12 days of Christmas spoof song saying "FINE! You're so smart? YOU rig up the lights!!!"

Thanks for eye candy Paige. He's yummy!

Paris said...

How illuminating:-)Yum!

Kim said...

Whoee, what a enlightening picture...gives a new meaning to lighting up the tree LOL. BTW LOVED Dead Sexy...couldn't put it down until it was done...great read - congrats Paige

Paige Tyler said...

Renee - LOL! Too funny!

Paris - Totally!

Kim - I'm so glad you enjoyed DEAD SEXY so much! And so flattered! If you'd like to leave a reader review on the EC website, feel free! I'd so appreciate it!