Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tasty Tuesday!

Gotta love a sharp-dressed man, especially when he looks like that!



Anonymous said...

Why is he getting dressed? Shouldn't he be untucking his shirt? Bad boy...I think he needs a spanking!

Renee Vincent said...

Ok, Paige. THIS guy is my favorite now. Wow, he is so handsome.

I agree with Danica....he needs a spanking for trying to dress himself. I guess he is the type of guy who likes to learn the hard way. haha

Sherry said...

Actually, he's trying to tuck his shirt in because we've been doing very naughty things to each other for 2 days now.. and he's exhausted..I keep telling him that I only need him for 12 more hours.. so my hands are trying to rip his shirt off.. can you see me in the back... He needs to get back to the office but ... he's really rethinking.. he can't decide whether to take it off or leave it on.. personally, I don't care..

Ashlyn Chase said...

I love this one! You have great taste in hotties, paige.


P.S. Dani, he's getting dressed because he just cam from my place. LOL