Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Adorable Little Pocket Dragons!

1. At the Movies

2. Belly Button

3. Can't Catch Me!

4. Commander Cookie

5. Davey Pocket

6. Does This Make Me Look Fat?

7. Favorite Book

8. Handful of Love

9. I Smell Chocolate

10. Milk and Cookies

11. Pizza Pizza

12. Poker Face

13. Sealed with a Kiss

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Inez Kelley said...

They are cute! I love the pizza one. I have a gecko that sits on my desk that I might have to feature one day.

Ella Drake said...

These are pretty precious!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww .... these are adorable! I've never heard of Pocket Dragons before. Happy Thursday, Paige! *hugs*

Alice Audrey said...

Yep. Adorable. I particularly like the reading one.

Jennifer Leeland said...


Elise Logan said...

Aw. Such cuties. Though I don't usually think of dragons as... cute.

Sasha Devlin said...

I like the fourth one. He looks steam punkish to me

Shelley Munro said...

These are so cute. I want one.

Nessa said...

They are so cute.

Getting Reacquainted in 55

Selena Illyria said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute do you collect them? I collect tatty teddys i have lots :)