Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tasty Tuesday!

Talk about a tease!



Laura said...

Yes, TEASE!!
But what I want to know is this: At the end of each of these pictures you put **hugs**. Now, is that hug for us or for the guy in the picture?? LOL
Oh, and on the pictures of the thirteen guys...#9 is mine! :-)
Love your site!

Desirée Lee said...

What a sassy young man! Don't stop now!

Carpe Noctem,

Eliza Knight said...

Very hot!

Tara S Nichols said...

Good grief! Can I place an order and have him delivered?

Paige Tyler said...

Laura - Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Oh and the hugs for everyone! LOL!

Des - LOL! I know, right?!

Eliza - Isn't he?!

Tara - LOL! Too funny!