Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Your Hunky Hero for Today is...

Garren Dandridge, that yummy time-traveling pirate from The Magic Spell! It's easy to see why Alanna would totally fall for him, and his spankings!



LA Day said...


Dawne' Dominique said...

Bend me over and SHUT MY MOUTH! Oh, my, Paige. He's definitely worth the effort. You do find the most amazing men. ; )


Sophia Danu said...

Swwweeeet! Thanks! :)

~HeAtHeR said...

Girl, Garren is my fave!! He is sooo hot and so is his story!! lol!

Paige Tyler said...

Laura - Yum is right! LOL!

Dawne' - LOL! Thanks! Glad you like him!

Sophia - LOL! Thanks!

~Heather - I know he is! LOL! Thanks so much!