Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I've been tagged by Tara and Tess to list seven things about myself!

The rules are to list seven things about yourself and link to the person who tagged you. Then tag seven people.

  1. I like to have my feet massaged.
  2. I have two Aragorn standees from the movie Lord of the Rings.
  3. I do Pilates every morning.
  4. I love watching pro-football.
  5. I have a degree in elementary education.
  6. I love Starbucks.
  7. I collect stuffed Goofys.


Tara Nichols

Tess Mackall

I tag Kelley Nyrae, Anne Rainey, Savannah Chase, LA Day, Shelley Munro, Alice Audrey, and Tempest!


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