Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

Since the NFL officially starts its season tonight, and since my hubby and I are both huge football fans, I thought I'd post Thirteen Tidbits About Football, as well as my take on them!
Go Cowboys!

  1. Audible - Changing a play at the line of scrimmage by calling out predetermined set of signals. (See Peyton Manning)

  2. Blitz - A defensive strategy in which a linebacker or defensive back vacates his normal responsibilities in order to pressure the quarterback. The object of a blitz is to tackle the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage or force the quarterback to hurry his pass. (Great of it works, but costly if it doesn't)

  3. Bootleg - An offensive play where the quarterback fakes a hand-off to a running back going one direction while he goes the opposite direction to run or pass. (Not to be confused with a style of jeans)

  4. Center - The offensive lineman who hikes (or snaps) the ball to the quarterback at the start of each play. (Imagine being a guy whose job requires him to bend over and have another guy's hands between his legs all day)

  5. Defensive Holding - Use of the hands to hold or push an offensive receiver or back on a passing play beyond the first five yards past the line of scrimmage (Hugging your opponent is strongly discouraged in football, guys)

  6. Dime Coverage - A pass coverage scheme that involves the use of six defensive backs. (Hmm, if a Nickel Coverage has 5 Defensive Backs, why doesn't Dime Coverage have 10?)

  7. Free Safety - A defensive player who lines up the deepest in the secondary and defends the deep middle of the field against the pass. (There's a misnomer for you - I mean, I wouldn't call a guy who makes a couple million dollars free, would you?)

  8. Hook and Ladder - A pass play in which the receiver catches a pass facing toward the line of scrimmage, then laterals the ball to another offensive player who is racing toward the opponent's end zone. (Looks great on paper, but hardly ever works)

  9. Offensive Holding - A foul in which an offensive player keeps a defender from advancing by grasping him with his hands or arms. (Hugging on this side of the ball is still not allowed, guys)

  10. Red Zone - The area between the 20-yard line and the goal line at both ends of the field. (Guys, I hate to tell you, but the grass is just as green on that part of the field as it is on the rest of it.)

  11. Tight End - An offensive player who serves as a receiver and also a blocker. ('Nuff said on this one, girls!)

  12. Too Man Men on the Field - Each team is allowed just 11 men on the field during a play. Having more than 11 is illegal. (I ask you, can there ever really be too many men, girls?)

  13. Two-Minute Warning - An official's timeout at the end of each half that signals just two minutes remain. (Actually, with all the time-out's it's more like the Ten-Minute Warning, which I don't mind when our team is trying to get down the field and score, of course!)

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Morgan St. John said...

HI Paige!
great list...I honestly thought you'd have pics of muscly guys, all hot and sweaty. which I would have loved BUT this was a pleasant surprise. I love football...not as much as baseball but...reminds me of HS, you know?

yh said...

Go Niners! :)

Moondancer said...

Those terms were very helpful. Thanks! Laywomans football 101, I love it.

LA Day said...

Football season, oh lord! My husband won't get off the couch. LOL!

Lia said...

Woof, Woof, I'll see ya in the dog pound. Go Cleveland.

I adore football. My husband watches it like a, umm, girl. We were at the Titans vs. Cowboys game last year. The game with the infamous stomping episode. I had to explain that the outrage was due to the fact that Hanesworth WAS wearing cleats at the time. Then he got it.

Jane said...

Great list! :)

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

we do college ball at our house. GO DUCKS!

Elle Fredrix said...

Sorry, I'd rather poke my eyeballs out! Football. Shudder. LOL

Gina Ardito said...

Ah, yes. My son's first game is this Sunday. We'll be standing on the sidelines, cheering our favorite safety and corner-back! Who needs the NFL when there's peewee football? LOL! Love the list.

Savannah Chase said...

I use to play football when I was in elementary school....all this lingo is soooo new to me...

Christine d'Abo said...

I love football! I can't wait for it to start tonight. :) Great list.

Cassandra said...

Hey, thanks for the football lingo! Brought back a lot of old memories...gawd I LOVE tight ends. LOL (hugs)

Heather said...

Loved your comments -- GO PACKERS!

Cora Zane said...

Great post, Paige! And no, there can never be enough men, hehehehe.


Debbie Mumford said...

OMG! Football information ... wow!

Robin L. Rotham said...

Mr. Robin isn't a sports fan, but my son is -- yay! I miss cool evenings and high school football.

Adelle said...

I have never been a fan of the sport but do like the uniforms *wink
Happy T13!

Paige Tyler said...

Morgan - LOL! Thanks! Though pics of hot, sweaty muscly guys would be fun!

yh - Cool!

Moondancer - Exactly! You're welcome!

LA Day - LOL!

Lia - We so love football, too! That's funny about your hubby!

Jane - Thanks!

Jenna - Sounds good to me!

Elle - Eeeek!

Gina - Thanks!

Savannah - Cool!

Christine - Thanks!

Cassandra - LOL! Thanks! Couldn't resist putting the TE in there!

Heather - Thanks!

Cora - LOL! Thanks!

Debbie - Thanks!

Robin - Cool!

Adelle - LOL!