Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Zoos That My Hubby and I Have Been To!

  1. Atlanta Zoo in Atlanta, GA

  2. Seoul Zoo in Seoul, Korea

  3. Miami Zoo in Miami, FL

  4. Philadelphia Zoo, in Philadelphia, PA

  5. Central Park Zoo in New York City, NY

  6. Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City UT

  7. Point Defiance Zoo in Seattle, WA

  8. Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA

  9. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Seattle, WA

  10. San Francisco Zoo in San Francisco, CA

  11. San Diego Zoo in San Diego, CA

  12. San Diego Wildlife Park in San Diego, CA

  13. Honolulu Zoo in Honolulu, HI

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LA Day said...

Great list. Love the San Diego zoo.

Adelle said...

Lucky you. I've only been to one zoo in my life. Happy T13!

Gina Ardito said...

Love zoos! Can't wait to get to the Dallas one. San Diego's terrific, and of course, the Bronx Zoo is awesome as well.

Tempest Knight said...

Wow! You sure like visiting zoos. I've never been to one. Heh! There's one close to me though.

Sara Thacker said...

You have to go to the Asheville Zoo in North Caroline. It's wonderful.

Michelle M Pillow said...

We always seem to go to zoos on vacation. Though I haven't been to any on your list.

Raven Paranormal Blog said...

Great list! You should try visiting our houses! LOL They're zoos. ;)

Ava Rose Johnson said...

Would u believe I've never been to a zoo?
God, I have to visit one of these now. Feel like I'm missing out.

Elle Fredrix said...

You'll have to visit the Toronto Zoo. It's one of the largest Zoos in the world, and it's fab!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

A pretty cool zoo near here is the Columbia, SC Riverbanks zoo and of course i've been to the Atlanta Zoo. But the zoo i remember most as a kid was the Frankfurt Zoo - don't know if it still exists.

Shelley Munro said...

I haven't visited any of the zoos on your list but have always wanted to visit the San Diego zoo. Auckland zoo is awesome and I visited Gerald Durell's zoo on Jersey Island. That was a great zoo.

Lorelei James said...

I visited the San Diego zoo as a child, but none of the other ones on the list.

Crystal Jordan said...

My fave is the San Diego Zoo. Loved it.

Debbie Mumford said...

Wow! A globe-trotting zoo goer! Is that a rare bird? *g*

Shari said...

Can I just say that the zoo has a certain smell...

I've been to lots of other zoos - San Antonio, New Orleans (pre-Katrina), St. Louis... My kids are no longer interested in zoos.

Thank Goodness for Sea World! LOL

Paige Tyler said...

LA Day - Thanks! We do, too!

Adelle - My hubby and I absolutely love going to zoos!

Gina - We do, too! They're so much fun!

Tempest - LOL! Yeah, we do! You should definitely check them out!

Sara - I've heard that it's beautiful!

Michelle - We do, too!

Raven - LOL! Thanks!

Ava Rose - Oh, you so should! They're so much fun!

Elle - Thanks for the recommendation!

Rhian - Thanks for the recommendation!

Shelley - The San Diego Zoo is beautiful!

Lorelei - They're all great!

Crystal - It's definitely one of the best!

Debbie - LOL! Do you mean us or the birds in the pic? Actually, we might be! Don't know about the birds in the pics, though, but they're Hyacinth Macaws. Aren't they googeous?!

Shari - LOL! Yeah, they do, I suppose. Sea World is great, too!


Heather said...

Wow, you guys have been to a lot of zoos. I can only count...six--and one of those was in Norway. Brookfield Zoo near Chicago has an AWESOME primate exhibit, and the one in DC was pretty neat, too.