Monday, April 23, 2007

I got a MySpace!

I did it! I entered the world of MySpace! I'll be posting lots of sexy excepts from my books that are currently available as well as details about my newest releases, so come by and check it out!




RosyBottom said...

I added you :) Welcome to the whacky world of MySpace.

Love your books!

Tempest Knight said...

You can add me! My MySpace addy is in my blog. :) And welcome to another cool form of procrastination. Hehehe!

Spanky said...

The site looks great! Unfortunately I could not get any of the links to samples of your writing to load, but I'll keep trying!

Paige Tyler said...

RosyBottom - Thanks for the add! Glad you enjoy my books!

Tempest - LOL! How true! I added you! Thanks!

Spanky - Hmmm...I double checked the links in the blog section and also had a couple of other people check them for me, and they worked fine. Hope you can read them!